Cliff Diving

Without my request

You wrapped the rope around my wrist

To keep me from falling from the pages

But you just hung my hand

Forgetting the weight dangling down.

You try to reason with me

But I have already been reached;

Don't you dare let me go.

Up the cliffs dragged. Stabbing wounds

Tear my clothes, skin, nails.

I wrote feathered strokes to get my mind

Out of not the gutter but the treetops for I am lofty

Only in thought not in attitude

Not even now in altitude.

You know how I feel about the subject.

Everyone around you is hitched without the trailer

Is chained with the cuffs

Of iron balls draping from their left ring fingers

They even warn you about your future imprisonment

And you still rope me in

While a wedding band would live on a dresser.

Its illogical how you trust in logic.

You wouldn't have saved me if you knew

That in my logic I would probably do it again.

You wrapped the rope around my wrist

To keep me falling from the pages

That I wish to write.