A/N: Ok, so this starts off quite plausible… and the totally goes careening of the path… literally! Just so you have fair warning, this story has no real purpose, except to serve as very random, shallow, and nonsensical entertainment (which everyone knows is the best kind!) If you're looking for a "deep" story with an "engaging" plot and "charming characters… look elsewhere! This will only help you turn your mind into complete and utter mush! HOO-ray, mush!!!

"Camping? Why did it have to be camping?" grumbled Lexi, to herself, "Anything but camping! But noooo, I got outvoted! Stupid Democracy!"

"What's up, Lex?" asked Bee.

"What's up? What's up?! We're going camping!"

"Yeah… so?"

"Camping. In the woods. Do you know what's out there?"


"And dirt, bugs, animals. Animals! Animals that can kill!"

"Lex, I highly doubt that a pack of squirrels is going to kill you."

"No, wild animals! Crazy, stampeding, wild animals!"

"Oh yes, Lexi," said Mac, "and I'm so sure that a herd of wildebeest are going to burst out of the woods and stampede across the Illinois River."

"No! Bears! Raccoons! Snakes!"

"Oh my!" said Mac, sarcastically.

"Are you ready, Samuel?" asked Heidi.

"Ummmmmm… no."

"Are you scared?"

"Yes, yes I am," he said out loud, as he thought to himself, 'of you.'

"That's ok, I'll protect you!" she said, as she skipped away to go talk to Annemarie.

"I pity the bear that picks a fight Heidi," Sammy murmured to himself, "he'll lose every time."

"He's here! He's here! Why's he here?" muttered Trey.

"Who are you talking about?" asked Arianna.

"That 'Oliver' guy!"

"Are you jealous?"

"Bee and I were supposed to be together! We were supposed to have super-children!" he cried.

"We all know you were just using her for her 'awesome genes.'"

"I want a super-child!!!"

"I have achieved greatness!" yelled Wednesday.

"Why is that?" asked Jane.

"I can now say the phrase, 'I am Empress of the Penguins,' in five languages! English, French, Spanish, German, and even Norwegian!"

"That is pretty impressive," said Jane.

"I am GREAT!" Wednesday said, yet again.

"…so, I'm just walking along, and all of a sudden," said Victor, "a dragon just swoops out of nowhere, and picks me up, and carries me off to it's nest."

"Wow…" said Anthony, "I hate it when that happens!"

"I know! I was on level twenty, too!"

"I feel for you, man."

"We're here!" yelled Ken, "oh yeah, we're here!"

There was an eruption of mixed cheers and groans.