As I began to film a small park off of Seattle's waterfront I zoomed in on a small girl chasing a butterfly. her father watched over her to make sure she didn't fall and I couldn't help but remember when I was younger. My dad and I would leave the apartment early and go to this little park near the water. He would tell me stories about all the sea shells on the beach, about how jellyfish made jelly for the mermaids, and how the tiny crabs made sure the beach was clean. I loved those days, the days were you can just revel in the divine nature of humans.

I guess looking back I can't help but wish I had more days like that. My dad was killed shortly after that. It was stormy and he was almost home when a car hit him. My mom didn't tell me much more then that, I was still young at the time and by the time I was old enough I didn't want to see the pain that it caused her to remember it. My dreams are still plagued with memories like these, the time that I lived carefree and open.

A small cry wakes me from my trip down memory lane, the small girl had fallen and her dad was comforting her. As I pan to get an overall view of the park, I notice that there is a guy about my age staring at me. The first thing I notice are his clothes, they are very modern, he seems to have walked right out of Japanese magazine. One of the magazine's with the men that have right angle chins and hair that points in all directions. He is intently staring- not one of those 'oh a camera' looks but the 'wow, she's interesting' looks. I go back to filming hoping that he will stop his eyes from looking at me. I concentrate on everything but his stare, which is rather challenging. I zoom in on a ferry boat, the one in a patch of bright noon sunlight peeking its way out of the cloud covering that seemed always present. I turn around on one of those gut feelings. As soon as I move I know I've ruined the clip.

"You ruined the clip" he states lightly

The only response that comes into my mind is a not so polite "well it's your fault, asshole!"

I'm not in the best of moods today, the coffee wasn't ready when I left. I am a typical seattle student, without coffee I am a total bitch. The only response that I get is a chuckle from him, which infuriates me even more. I really wanted to know what he wanted. I admit I draw a lot of unwanted attention. Being a 6'2" Asian cyberpunk grammar Nazi wearing bright colors is apparently not the way to fit in.

I catch myself staring at his gorgeous blue eyes, the color of a Caribbean ocean. I hear his gentle voice hearing only a name. Kazuki. A pregnant silence ensues. When my mind finally kicks back into gear I respond with my plain Jane American name, Pamela.

'Nice to meet you Pamela, So…what is the video for?" he asks with true interest.

"Oh it's for my final -- it's about a vivid memory and such" I shrug my shoulders as I say it. A smile brightens his face as he brings a similar camera out of his bag.

"Seattle Art?" A double word phrase that spikes my interest and dumbfounds me at the same time. Was he in my video production class? How did I miss such a fine specimen in the categorization of my classmates?

By the look he gives me, my emotions must be flashing across my face at a rapid pace. The look is often seen on my roommate's face. The only response I can compose is a mumbled sorry. When his smile widens I know he recognized me as soon as he saw me. "Yea, I'm in that class, you mustn't see me cause I am always hidden behind my computer." He finishes his sentence with a small chuckle and a pat at his bag. A chuckle that makes me want to melt into a smiling content puddle. My mind seems to register that I'm still pissed off in the same moment because it goes into overdrive trying to figure out how I overlooked him all this time. My mind realizes who he is, Kazuki Kichiru-he Wanted to get into video production in Japan after graduation. My attention snaps back to him when I see him turn his camera on.

"No video taping me, I run the camera not stand in front of it"

It is my motto; I can't stand cameras, whoever said all Asians look good in photos had never met me.

"How else am I suppose to capture all the wonderful looks crossing your face?" a simple question that makes my cheeks burn. At his oh-so blunt flirting I get my wits about me and turn sharply on my heel and walk away. A yelled "WAIT!" gets my attention and the second smart assed comment of the day slips out

"Who says I'm not walking away from you?"

He pauses for a second and shrugs as I start walking toward the market. An apple, orange and a few bananas and $4 later he is still there. You'd think that he would get the hint, but no he didn't.

At this point I'm getting kind of pissed the 'I have a super hot stalker that I wouldn't mind dating but damn! he's following me' feeling? He keeps trying to start a conversation and I keep avoiding him as if he were the plague. I am turned around by a pair of soft, strong hand on my arms. It movement caught me off guard and causes me to struggle. Next thing I know I am being hugged to a well-defined chest. An authentic feeling a anguish surrounds me and tears begin to roll down my face and the grip on me is lessened until he takes a step back and Kazuki looks at me with a look of guilt on his face.

"I'm sorry… I didn't know it would… affect you like that." I'm hugging myself at this point, tears still slowly streaming down my face.

We stand there looking at each other and I once again find myself looking into his eyes, at the age that is held within them, and age that his eyes shouldn't hold, the eyes of an ancient man. The wind picked up and I shivered lightly and as I start to turn and walk back towards the school Kazuki starts to talk to me and I have to stop and look at him with a questioning look on my face. "I asked what dorm your in..." My quick-thinking but slightly bitchy coffee lacking brain responds with a witty retort "what if I don't want you to know?" The response- a nonchalant shrug and a hurt look.

So my conscience gets the better of me most of the time, and now it has to attack. "Hey, I'm sorry. I just haven't felt like that from just hugging someone in a long time, and It sort of scared me. And I wasn't thinking… I didn't mean anything by it, really I didn't, oh and I don't live in a dorm, my apartment is off of 3rd."

I turn and start walking and I feel his sorrow filled eyes boring into the back of my head and then I hear footsteps and Kazuki is right next to me. We continue to walk in silence a bit longer and Kazuki begins to hum an entrancing melody that catches my attention and I stop walking. Kazuki turns ever so gracefully and looks perplexed. By this time he had stopped humming and I start walking again, about half a block away from my apartment I turn and look at Kazuki and my mind goes blank when trying to come up with a way to say 'I love your company but my nosy room mate will tease me mercilessly if I would to bring you anywhere close to the apartment." So instead of finding a different way of saying it, I just blurt that out and Kazuki laughs, a heart warming laugh.

"Well, in that case, I had fun pestering you for awhile and sorry again." With a small bow he walks in the same direction of my apartment the same direction as the school dorms. When he is about a block ahead of me I walk into my apartment and begin to laugh so hard my ribs hurt . My room mate turns and glares at me, making me laugh even harder.

My room mate is in the clothing design program at the art institute. Her final is a tiny bit harder then mine, she has to make 4 outfits of her own design. My room mate is as clumsy as I am which is not good for her fingers. She is working on a gorgeous dress that uses a lot of material- 15 yards to be exact, and unfortunately when sewing clothing you need to use pins. As my room mate continues to glare at me I begin to noticing something other then her bandage covered hand, there is a guy half asleep on our couch. I stop laughing because I have begun to hiccup and that cause my room mate to pipe up in her serves you right voice

"Now that you're done laughing, care to help with this barbaric machine?" Her words set me into another fit of laughter. as I am now closer to her she lightly smacks me while turning bright red. As I fix her machine with a quick spin of a dial she gapes at me. When I sit down on the couch I turn towards her and ask "so, who's the hot half unconscious dude?" I know she heard me but when I receive no answer I guess she doesn't want to answer. Being the wonderful amazing person I am- I poke him.

When I Turn back to my room mate, I have a questioning glare I know she can't ignore, I get an answer, she mouths 'last night…AMAZING' I roll my eyes, stand up from the couch and walk into my tiny room.

In true college student fashion my room consist of a bed, a second hand dresser and a TV dinner table for my laptop. My alarm clock sits on the floor near my craft supplies and instrument. I lay on my bed and close my eyes for a few seconds. When I get the motivation to sit up I set up my laptop making sure to plug it in. when I log in that annoying sound that means you have a message goes off. The message is from Kazuki, which makes me smile all dreamy like.

It's a short message but it makes me laugh none the less.

To: Pamela Hibiki (Pamela. Kazuki Kichiru (Kazuki. Remember class tomorrow.

That's when I notice my room mate is standing in the door way with a cheesy grin plastered on her face.

"How long have you been standing there?"

the only response I get is an annoying 'Long enough'. I roll my eyes yet again, and turn to my laptop and start talking to her

"So today I when down to that little park near pike's place you know the one with the guy that wears like 6 jackets in summer? Well, I filmed a bit for my final, it's not exactly what I was looking for but it works. Hey do you have any classes with that Kazuki kid? You know the one that wants to work in Japan after graduation?" I let the question linger knowing she'll answer eventually.

When she doesn't respond I turn towards the doorway only to see her making out with the dude that was on the couch. I glare and yell "NOT IN MY ROOM Paige! You promised!" oh by that way that's the room mate's name Paige. When that doesn't get a response I close the door in her face and let out a frustrated scream. Paige, describing her nicely isn't the easiest thing to do, she sleeps with a lot of guys and normally she brings them back to our place. I could probably handle it if she didn't think that the kitchen counter was a suitable place to sleep around. When living with Paige you learn that the saying 'curiosity killed the cat' is true in so many ways. When we had first moved in together I had heard an odd thunk and I thought she had fallen out of bed and lucky me ends up walking in on her and a guy doing the deed. After that any thunk meant I was falling asleep with music on.

A thunk comes from the hallway, causing me to turn up my music. I pull out my camera and look over the footage again and smile. Kazuki is one of those guys that just melt my heart and, even thought I just met him could probably drool over for days and never get bored. After importing the footage I turn my music down to see if the coast is clear, which it is, I put the fruit I bought out to the kitchen, and I retreat back to my room to do work and drink coffee, a college students two best friends.