"..I've given up.. im suffocating.."

I fumble again for my cell phone as my alarm goes off. Mornings come way to early. I crack my eyes open just enough to see the time before letting an annoyed grunt out.

I hate mornings.

Getting out from under the warmth of my comforter, a small 'epp' escapes my mouth as I place my feet on the cold floor.

Today is not going to be fun.

As I Yank my 'Asians Rock' sweatshirt over my head my phone starts to sing to me again.


Looking at the screen I realize that it was just my alarm going off again, and I noticed I have 45 minutes to get to class before I am late. I sigh at this sad, but true revelation.

Sliding my feet into a pair of comfy slippers I walk out into the kitchen to turn the coffee on before grabbing an apple and walking back into my room.

20 minutes later I am dressed and made up, still wearing the 'Asians Rock' sweatshirt. I walk back into the kitchen pour myself a BIG cup of coffee and double check my bag for all my technology things.

Making sure I have everything I place my iPod headphones on and grab my keys. Turning on my music I lock the door to the apartment behind me and start walking towards my first class.

When I finally get to the building my class is in 20 minutes have past and my nose is a bright red color. Just call me Rudolph.

Opening the door a warm burst of air greets me, along with a couple of waves. As I scan the room I notice Kazuki, leaning over his computer typing really fast. Walking over to him I try to think of something witty to say, but as soon as he looks up at me with that smile of his, whatever I was thinking is no longer there, so I just smile back.

As I sit down the teacher enters and walks to the front of the room.

"Good morning Class! Is anyone else enjoying this crisp morning?"

When he doesn't receive any answers he shrugs and starts into his lecture for the day.


When we are finally released the only thing on my mind is food.

Looking over at Kazuki as we leave the classroom the same thing seems to be on his mind.

"Wanna hit the chow hall before next class?"

A thinking look crosses his face before he answers with an excited 'yes!'

I laugh as we walk towards the hall, stopping half way there and starting to film a small bird that landed on the trash can about 10 feet away.

Kazuki only realizes I stop after he is about 20 ft in front of me, and he abruptly stops. Turning around he looks at me and my camera the nods knowingly.

As the bird flies off I place my camera back in my bag and catch up to him.

We walk in an awkward silence until Kazuki begins to talk.

"So…. Tell me about this room mate of yours.."

"well, She is a Fashion apparel major, So she is into fashion." At this I roll my eyes in an exasperated manor "Her name is Paige. Umm, not much else to say about her." That is nice anyways I add in my mind.

Looking back at Kazuki he is nodding.

"sounds like my room mate, he is Majoring in fashion apparel…. I should probably call him, he didn't come home last night…" At this Kazuki pulls out his phone and begins to dial a number.

Thinking fast before I lose my conversation partner I blurt out a question.

" is he a whore too?" see I told you, I was thinking fast.

The only response I get to that is a chuckle, before he starts talking into the phone.

"…. You coming home tonight... yea, I figured so much... Ok see ya then"

At this he closes him phone and looks over at me.

"To answer your question, yes, yes he is."

At this my brain starts working, he didn't come home last night, Paige had a guy over last night that was dressed pretty nice…

"Hey, is your room mate about 6'3" black hair, 6 pack abs?" I'm following a hunch here

Kazuki looks at me funny before nodding slowly. I begin to giggle and Kazuki gives me a questioning look which only makes me laugh harder.

Today just got VERY interesting.