I Dare

Shifting from pencil gray to black pen monotone
I suppose it just goes to show
How easily we're swayed
Because with these words I'll prove I'm alive
While it's something hard to confide
It's something I am, this extension chord
Perhaps, I dare to conspire, dreams will shift as well
Becoming black monotone, a droning on
Dull when reality hits them but it's proof that I can
When I don't always remember to believe
Dreams aren't beautiful in person
While within my grasps they're not fantastical
Not alive at all
What does that say about someone like me?
I could ask you for hours
Remaining stuck on a world of hazy goals
I wont reach a single one
Shifting from pen to marker
To bring the colors into bold
I imagine it would make the world alive
I dare to conspire that it'll bring me to believing
I exist at all
Yet just brings me further into a dream
Dull because it's stuck in reality
How easily I'm swayed