Gullwings XP: Chapter 3


As I strolled through Maida Square, I was completely amazed about how many people were online, especially at this time of day…or night, as the case may be. Right now thin paper lanterns were hung on wires that stretched along the streets were lit, bathing the dirt paths in a soft yellow-green. Overhead, the sky was alight with thousands of stars, which twinkled and shone with a mysterious element. Occasionally The scent of baking pastries was floating through the raucous air, smelling of roasted meat and sweet cakes.

"Hey, you're new here, aren't you?"

I nearly lost all my hair. I whipped around to tell the guy to piss off, but then saw a sight to behold again.

His eyes…his big, blue eyes…like deep pools of clear ocean water, pulling me in and drawing me to him. But…

"Oh, I'm sorry, did I scare you?" he said, a bit carelessly, as he placed his hands behind his head.

"Boy, aren't you the carefree one," I retorted to him.

"I didn't mean to make you mad or anything, I was just asking!" he said, now slightly offset by my anger.

"Maybe you can come in front of me next time. You really freaked me out when you spoke behind me," I said, now a little embarrassed that I got so angry.

"Hey, who's this young woman?" another voice, equally, if not more, carefree, said, coming up behind the blue-eyed boy. He seemed to be carrying around a gem, which glittered with a green light in it.

"I don't know her name…what is your name, by chance?" the blue-eyed boy asked me.

"Oh, I'm Enigma, or Eni for short. What's yours?" I said, cheerful that I met some new acquaintances.

"I'm Takeo Maruyama, but just call me Takeo. My friend is just named Omega," he said, pointing to the boy behind him. As Omega walked forward, I noticed that he had bright red hair and light tan skin. He had a really large build, having large muscles everywhere. But what amazed me the most was that he had black, scaly gauntlets which reflected light back into my eyes, dazzling me.

"Cool gauntlets…Omega. Where did you get them?' I asked sheepishly.

"I didn't buy these gauntlets," he said flatly. I noticed that he had an air of a comedian around him, although he looked fierce.

"Huh? You can get those custom made for you?" I asked incredulously.

"Not exactly…see, look at my profile," he said, as he pulled a flat paper from his hiker's pack, which just appeared on his back. I grabbed the paper and looked at his stats. But as my eyes flitted down the list, I was shocked.

"How can you be part dragon? When I joined, I wasn't able to pick anything like that!" I said, as I gave him back his paper. He stuffed it into his pack, and then the pack disappeared. I recoiled at the immediacy of the pack disappearing.

"You are a n00b, aren't you?" Takeo said.

"Dang right."

"Maybe we should take you to our guild, take you to join us. Whatcha say?" Takeo asked, extending a hand.

I was hesitant. At this point only one thing was going through my mind: Could rape occur in Valencia? I hope not!

"We're serious. Our guild is one of the best n00b support guilds there is in Valencia," Omega said.

"Well…OK, sure, why not? I'll go join with you," I agreed, as I followed them through the streets towards a grove of trees, or more like an arboretum, in the distance. Was this going to be a decision that I would regret for a long time?

I didn't find out until two years later that it could have been the most influential decision of my life.