T h e S e m i n a r y G a n g II

A F a l l e n W o r l d

Created and Written by

Jon Tree Top, McKenzi Olson, Jade Neeman, Kimberly Neyhart, and Richard Daw

A u t h o r' s C o m m e n t s

"History decides the winners, but I decide history." - Jon Tree Top

In the beginning, there was always the plan to do a sequel. However, it was much different from the one we see before us. Originally we wanted to end season one of the series with the Gang not being sent home, but actually blown into the Halo universe. The entire second season would lampoon their adventures through Halo, living the game's missions in real life. An interesting thing happened though; we got bored with it and ended after finishing the first season. And to make matters even more interesting, we got bored with the whole Seminary Gang thing, and just plain stopped hanging out as much. So I took my Palm Pilot home, and retired the episodes to cold storage.

But life kept throwing even more interesting things at us, and we discovered Fiction Press. So for about half a year, Jon and I considered the possibility of turning those old episodes into a book, and even attempted it a few times. Eventually Kenzi joined in, and soon it looked like a real possibility that we might just get it published at Fiction Press. Then summer came, and once again any unity we had working on this project disappeared. To make matters worse, Jon moved to Wisconsin, and Kenzi and I kinda of went into stand-offish mode. Poor Brian and Kaitlin were left alone in the middle to go off and do their own thing. So it finally looked like The Seminary Gang had been put to rest.

Some of us were still stuck with the idea though, and wanted to do more. Even though it looked very unlikely, Jon and I still kept in contact, and made up our minds that one way or another we'd get the story going again. Things in Wisconsin didn't work out, and Jon made his way back to South Dakota. Kenzi and I managed to settle our differences—enough—and, we found ourselves with a partially finished manuscript. Work started up again; with Jon and I writing the originals, Kenzi editing them, and then I posting the finished work. The next thing we knew we had a stable plot, and it seemed fairly popular. This brought back the old question; did we want to do a sequel?

Of course the answer was yes, but it would be a lot of work. We were still writing the first Seminary Gang book and publishing it when the plot began to take shape. It's still a mystery how we got where we did, but one day it was decided. So all the while as we wrote and published new chapters to TSG1, we were secretly coming up with ideas for a master plot to TSG2. An overall story began coming together, new characters established, and just as we posted the last chapter to TSG1 we got a new writer interested in joining the writing team; Jade Neeman. She had read along as TSG1 went up, and even had a hand or two in the editing process.

December turned out to be a very frustrating month though. While in the beginning we were going in head strong—not to mention fresh with somewhat of a new crew—interest in the overall project fluctuated. We had several planning meetings where crucial background information was established, but life was busy, people had other things to do, and we never did get a stable plot overview written. Not to mention that the perils of High School always take a toll on one's ability to write and create. So while everyone tried to get their act together, I sat down and began writing a plot overview. But things still looked pretty bleak. The Seminary Gang 2 was on very shaky ground.

Then 2007 was ushered in, and real work began. The plot was confirmed, chapters were started, and throughout January Jon and I laid the final groundwork for the story. Although it was taking longer than we wished, work was actually being done. Everyday the story looked more and more like a reality. Jade provided much help with the characters, and both her and Kenzi started editing for us again. Even though March turned out to be a hard month for all of us, the date of posting came ever closer.

So here we are, at the beginning of no doubt a much darker story than before, but nonetheless another adventure. Perhaps the greatest thing about finally seeing this story posted is the hurtles we overcame just to get it here. It wouldn't be here today if it weren't for the combined efforts of all of us. It is with great pride that we present it to you here and now; the next chapter in The Seminary Gang saga.