Chapter 15-

The police involved, the diary's explicit contents out, was there any hope the media wouldn't get involved? After all Hera had been married to the great-great-great…grandson of the town's founding father, not to mention the town's richest widower.

Sighing Diana stepped away from the upstairs window and out of the eyes of the prying press. In the last week she hadn't been out of the house much. Other than a few trips to the police station, she was trying to remain a low profile hiding away in Parker's glittering mansion.

Three days after they'd turned over all the evidence they'd found to the police, someone had leaked the sordid contents to 'Hawke's Gazette'. Immediately after similar stories appeared in all the regional papers and Parker had received a call from a national news station asking for interviews.

Deep down she had known that the details of her sister's life could become public, but she hated that fact that people were assuming the worst and only publishing the despicable moments of Hera's short life. Of course they never reported on how she'd left her family to keep them safe or how her family loved her so.

A few hot tears slipped down her pale cheeks. She hated herself for them. Tears were becoming too common and were to great a weakness in her current life.

"Diana?" Amelia soft voice echoed through the hallway.

"I'm in here," she replied as she quickly swiped away the tears.

Amelia turned the corner and offered her usual sweet smile. "How you doing?" she asked.

Diana managed a tight smile. "Okay, I didn't realize that they," she gestured towards the window, "would care so much."

"It comes with the money unfortunately," Amelia said quietly. "But as soon as something else comes along they'll forget about this story."

Diana sighed and sat down on the small sofa. Its soft fabric brushed against the bare skin of her arms and she smiled in pleasure. "I wish money could buy anonymity, I would love to be able to buy couches like these to fill a house."

Laughing, Amelia sat down beside her. "Ahhh. If wishes were money." At this useless comment both women gave warm giggles.

A streak of color on Amelia's chin caught Diana's attention. "Were you painting again?" she asked with a wry grin.

"Yes, why?" Amelia asked with a frown.

Chuckling with amusement, Diana pointed out the bit of color. Amelia hurried to the bath room to wash it off.

Still smiling to herself, Diana moved restlessly from the couch and through the sitting room into her bedroom. She frowned when she noticed the top drawer of the dresser hanging open with several articles of clothing hanging over the edge.

With a frown, she strode purposefully across the room and gently shut the drawer. The noise of wood on wood drowned out the footsteps as the approached from behind.


Lights flashed outside and reporters murmured with excitement. Inside a crying Amelia sat on the couch, her husband beside her, as Parker paced the study and the officers asked their questions.

How could Diana simply disappear in a house full of people? Maids, gardeners, reporters, all of them had been questioned, but to no avail. Not one person has seen Diana, since Amelia had left her in the sitting room.

Questions went on seemingly endlessly, but finally the officers moved on.

"Was she upset when you left her?" Parker asked with a frown.

Amelia shook her head, the traces of earlier tears still evident. "No, she was laughing. When I first came in she was kind of sad about the reporters and Hera, but that was expected. After we talked for a few minutes she seemed in much better spirits, and she pointed out that I had paint on my cheek, so I went to wash it off." She had already explained this to the police, of course, but Parker wanted to rehash every detail. Diana had to be found. He wouldn't lose another person.