Walking together, hand in hand.

Look to the sky and tell me,

What is the first thing that comes to mind?

The clouds quietly float away in the never-ending sea.


The world is crashing downwards,

More and more, I fear.

Our hands slowly slip apart.

My last snapshot: your sweet tears.


Your letters are read underneath the stars,

Your sweet simple smile sketched in the book of my memories.

We promised to love forever,

But our promise surely, slowly bleeds.


Walking together, hand in hand.

Tell me what you see.

Look to the sky,

The clouds seem to be running, running away from me.


The last letter I received from you

Seems weeks, months, years?

I have not forgotten you, however.

And I can still taste your sweet tears.


My head seems to be stuck on one short memory.

That sunset on the beach,

Do you remember it?

My question and your three-sentence speech?


Walking together, hand in hand.

I asked you, "What do you see?"

"Look to the sky," I told you.

"Doesn't it look beautiful and free?"


You smiled that sweet, simple smile.

You looked at my face, my hair, my eyes.

You held my hands tightly, as though you'd never let go.

But to my dismay, your gaze never reached the skies.


"Beauty," was your answer.

"Resides not in a sunset.

For all the beauty in this small world,

Lives in you. You are perfect."


Years later, walking alone, my hands by my side.

You seem to whisper: what do you see?

Look to the sky, the sunset, the clouds…

Is this a beautiful sight? Is this true beauty?


"Beauty?" I whisper back.

"There is no longer such a thing.

For you, my dear, have left this world.

And you were my halo and my wings."


Laughter is heard through the kingdom,

Even the dead laugh with the dead.

But I can still catch a glimpse of your face again,

Your ghostly white hair and pale head.


Walking side by side, your presence still familiar,

You asked again: Tell me, what do you see?

Look to the sky, the yellow sun…

Tell me and I will leave happily.


I suppose that is when I saw it,

The face… oh it was so clear.

Your sweet, simple smile… smiling down on me.

But your voice, your laughter I could no longer hear.


This is how I discovered you were wrong.

Beauty lives in every cloud, every sky.

I will always look to the beauty, to the sunset, to you.

And you needn't ask why.