Literature Assignment: Sensory Ignition!

Volume I

It is dark

I lie flat on the cold, hard floor

Covered with a coarse brown coat

Patches of sickly green stain my body

A sprinkling of white dust cover the grey ground

Patiently I wait

Patiently I wait

Rustling. Crackling.

Rough hands reach for me

Fumbling. Frantic.

Sunlight hits my eyes

I shield my face

The sharp glare pierces

I am bare

Yet I am free

Volume II

My scent diffuses

I know he knows he smells me

Nowhere to hide

Nowhere to run

I tremble

Rudely, I am snatched up

Oh, how I quiver with fear

My back is rigid

My limbs are stiff

He draws me closer

Into his deadly embrace

My strength leaves me

Volume III

I sense his hot breath on my neck

The dreaded hour approaches

I struggle in vain


Sears through my body

In a snap my bones are broken


Jaws rip me apart

Oh, the agony!

I scream for mercy but no one hears

I am consumed with anguish

The torture never ends


That's what's left

I am brittle. I am broken.

The weight of his enamel crushes me

My body crumbles to dust