Hate is such a strong word
My mother has always told me
But it rolls across my tongue and
Tastes like a new addiction as
Your name mingles around it more
And more often until I realize
Just how good it feels to say those
Three little words I hate you

You know there is another side
I told you about this one already
Which is even more powerful than
The one I said before but this word
Must have felt so raw and bitter
A double-edged sword slicing
Through your teeth whispering
Lies and sweet nothings that I
Almost believed because for a while
I would say it back when you
Claimed I love you

Up to this point in time I truly couldn't
Wouldn't, understand why these
Words were so restricted and to hate
And to love were like killing and
Breathing life into someone but
As every bone in my body screamed out
My affections and loathing of what is
You everything stopped for a moment
And suddenly as you drifted into my
Mind (like you so often do) I realized
There was nothing

And I was suddenly so alone because
I couldn't love or hate you anymore
You just were, you just are
Another boy in another world living
An almost another life who no matter
How hard I pretend I must bitterly say

I (don't know) you