I'm so sorry

I didn't come sooner

There's no excuse

You were sick I know

And I knew

But I didn't visit

Didn't call

Now no special remedies

Or cures

Can help make it better

It's too late to save

And I find I'm left

Slowly turning around

Wondering how it got

So bad

So fast

Seeing the hollow shell

My childhood almost


It makes me wonder

How no one else can see

Are they covering their eyes

Or just


Like me.

And now I stare

Expecting to see something

And everything has changed

The windows of your heart

Boarded up with splintered wood

Your soul battered

Moaning for help as you watch

People cover their ears

And you wait

Wait until everyone has left you

They wouldn't even recognize you

Surrounded by all new people

You lie and pretend

That part of you never



But I know

You can't lie to me

You just stare at me

Your eyes glassy

As if to say

Where have you been?

Now look at me.

And I turn around slowly

Hoping for someone to save me

Waiting for someone else to

Open their eyes

Uncover their ears

And realize

So I sit

Pull at the grass and


On a hill as I watch

Finally alert to all

The change

I shudder and mumble

I hate change