You confuse me
With the many faces
That you wear.

You amuse me
By pretending that you don't care.

But I see the way you look at me
When you don't think I'm looking.

Why cant you see?

I've been waiting for the day.
That someone takes me away.

You sit in your room,
All lonely and feel the silence wrap itself around you,
Just pretending
What your life would be like

Without me.

While I try to wrestle with that damn phone
Trying to call you.
Just to hear your voice again
Cause I cant wait for another school day.

The things you keep trying to ignore,
All the things I'm looking for.

Why cant you see?

The way that my eyes plead.
Plead for your fingers to be intertwined,

With mine.

I'm so damn curious
To know how you feel inside.

What your thinking,
And what you want.
You wont ever tell me,

I know.

But, oh, why cant you see?

Stop pushing all your feelings away.
Because you might not be able to feel anything anyway.

Why cant you see?

See how I make you laugh,
See how you make me smile,

In that way only you can do.

I wish you would.

Maybe when it's time,
Time for me to walk away,


Maybe you'll finally see.
Finally see how you feel for me.

And, maybe,

When you see me walking away,
You can see,

See how much I really feel for you.

Those feelings that burn deep inside my heart,
Just wanting to be free.
Just wanting.


But, for now,
I'll keep brushing my hand against yours,
Keep whispering softly in your ear.

So maybe it wont be too late,
When you finally see.

Finally see how this could really be.