You know, I feel like I'm at a loss for words. Music slips in and out of my mind – in and out, in and out. And it's no longer the same. The words linger into my head, seeping into my blood stream, and then to my heart. They make a sting. Leave a mark. Words of the music… oh baby it doesn't even matter if it was the words. We just listened to so much together, shared so much together. Everything, every word, every note, every smile – your I - - B - - - s, baby they leave me longing, and wishing. Hoping and itching. I'm at a loss for words. When I try to explain what I feel, when I feel it. My heart knows and my head knows, but somewhere in between all that and my head trying to spit it out, there's a disconnection. Too much to say in words. I can only show it with my actions. Oh but to tell the holder of his I - - B - - - s, well baby… that's another one I can't lose. Not another. Too much lost, too much grieved, too much to hold and take. I want him to forgive my past actions – for they were not my own, in my right mind. It was not the person he loved. I am there now, but only if he hasn't gone past the break point. Only, if.

I'm at a loss for words, when I think about it all.

Tears stream and I don't feel the same.

Nothing is the same anymore, except the way I feel about you.

Nothing is the same anymore, not even the way you feel about me.

Kills me.

Stabs me.

Bleeds me.

I'm bleeding




But I'm falling

And fallen

And fell.

I wonder if mister I - - B - - - s will pick me up. I could sure use a helping of IB, God knows, I could use a second and third helping.

But only if, he hasn't gone past my ride.

Oh mister, pick me up, won't you?