-1Chapter 1 : Sixteen.

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" Anderlyn, oh, Anderlyn wake up wont you? I can't wait for you to hear this! Its going to be great!" I eagerly opened my eyes to see my mother standing over my bed in one of the most expensive outfits she owned.

"Um, mom, what are you wearing…its Saturday morning…" I whimpered.

" Honey, happy birthday! " she shrieked and thrust her boney arms around my shoulders. I had forgotten today was my sixteenth birthday, and also the end of my life. She held something stiff and pointy that began to jab into my side. I reach under her grip and grabbed it. My eyes widened my heart pounded. It was a plane ticket.

" ARE WE REALLY GOING!" I shouted. Excitement filled my voice as I began to hug her back.

" I'm glad your excited! You'll make so many new friends! Friends, I don't need anymore friends what on earth is this woman babbling about?!

" Excuse me….friends, what friends?!" I asked irritated. She looked at me confused as she tilted her head like a overgrown hound. Her thick blonde curls wrapped around her shoulders.

" What, exactly were you talking about?" she asked.

" WE, and my friends were going to New York to see my dad, you remember him, right?! Tall scruffy looking man, in his forties. The MAN, you divorced, four years ago?! " I said getting hysterical. My Cheeks flushed with anger. She smiled a Barbie doll smile and fixed her hands to entangle my head on her chest.

" Oh, Silly! Your so cute, are you still upset about that! I got you something better, much better! I got you a ticket so you can go to boarding school! Her manicured hands caressed my cheeks as she held out my face. Her smile was dumb and very sincere. I glared with all my might but she didn't seem to retrieve the death rays I had been sending her.

" Boarding school?" I said squishing out my words with all my might, cause her hands had been squeezing my cheeks together making me appear like a fish.

" Yes, silly, we talked about this last Thursday. I suggested that you got to this boarding school and broaden your horizons. Make new friends!" She said as she let go and stood motioning a an ark with her hands.

" Horizon, say it with me now!" she began. " Hor- I-zon!" her grin grew stupidly across her face.

" Mom, get out of my room…" I whispered underneath my pillow. She turned to face her. She was very confused now.

" I said…GET…OUT!" I hollered and sent a pillow flying in her direction. She was surprised and it hit directly in her face. It fell softly into her arms. Her bottom lip bulged and she began to sigh, loudly.

" Honey, I am your mother. Whether you like it or not your going!" her voice as stern as she could possibly get it. Anderlyn knew she meant business, her mom may be a dim wit, but she knew when she couldn't win.

Later that night Anderlyn sat in her room, all her bags where packed. She was being forced to leave, that night. She looked out side the window and watched her friends pull up in an old rusted pickup. She leaped out of her room and down the stairs to the entrance of the condo building.

" Girls!" I shouted as I threw my arms around them and we cried together.

" Right this way!" I woman said motioning me to follow her. I looked back to see my mother standing there with sore, red eyes popping out of her head. As she stoked my dark chocolate hair in-between her fingers. She was sniffling, and with a few honks of her handkerchief she let me go.

" BE GOOD AND DON'T GET INTO TROUBLE AND NO GETTING PAST 3RD BASE! NO HOMERUNS FOR YOU!" she shouted as I ducked under the guide and rushed past the people before anyone realized she was talking to me. My face was flushed and my heart ripped out of my chest with embarrassment. That's when I heard an extremely daunting laughter. I looked around to see where it was coming from but no one in my sight was laughing. I boarded the plane and found my seat. It was nice, but it was in the middle of two others. I looked around frantically for people heading I'm my direction and one stood out, it was a mountain of a man. By mountain I mean his stomach, it looked as though he ate young children for lunch. He had a curvy French beard plastered on his pudgy lips. He smiled and a huge green blip of who knows what was stuck on his hillbilly tooth. Shivers ran up my spine as he stopped near me. Oh god please no, no! ill be good I promise! I wont hit Alice ever again for her stupid ideas, and I wont cat fight with that diseased cockroach Beatrice! I promise! Just then I saw him placing his earth sized behind in the seat next to mine. He wobbled and swayed and sucked in his fat to fit in the chair. Why is it that you hate me!? Why?! I searched frantically for the next one but no one came. So I pulled out my ipod and began to blast music into my unholy ears. Only seconds later Mount Saint Fat Man began to erupt.

" Miss, miss!" I could hear the Buddha next to me call at me. I turned and gave him by best, hormonally depressed, law breaking, angry teen face. He didn't budge, so I finally unplugged one ear to ask him what it was that he needed.

" Yeah, what?" I said very unhappily. I looked up and that's when I noticed it. I hadn't seen it before but this time, it, it was obvious. The Elephant man had a enormous bald spot on his head. It was so shiny I couldn't take my eyes away. I glanced down and noticed the man was still mentioning to me.

" Wha" I said still dazed and blinded. He looked again, this time concerned.

" Miss, can you please move so that this young man can get through." he say very politely. I looked up and noticed a boy about my age . He was, well he was gorges, he had the most beautiful golden brown hair and blue eyes.

" excuse me" he said politely and gentlemen like.

" Uh, yeah, sure!" I stuttered. "Uh yeah sure" my god! YOU DO HATE ME! WHY GOD! WHY!? CHICKEN NUGGETS!

" Hi," he said. and looked up at the Flight attendant and thanked her. He was prince charming, "The" one and only prince charming, or so I thought. About half way thought the movie " The runaway bride" the fat man had fallen asleep, and I took this opportunity to speak with PC, or Prince Charming. Sucked in all my I turned to speak to him. OMG! WHAT DO I SAY!? how about, " Hi I'm Andie, well Anderlyn but Andie for short, What's your name and where are you going?!" ...Nah, to lame. " Sup, Homie! How's it hanging?!" To gangster. How about just plain "Hi"! Yeah, that'll have to do! Then I looked up from my conversation and noticed he was looking at me. Then for no reason he began to laugh! TO LAUGH!

" What is so funny?!" I asked pissed, I was mad now.

" Your face! " he managed to say have fits of laughter.

" Excuse me what?'

" Your Face, didn't you hear me the first time?!"

" I thought maybe you'd rethink that answer!"

" Why would I do that?!"

" Cause I'm about give you a -" I began before getting cut of by the Attendant.

" Are you okay over here Mr. Andrews?" She asked Sweetly. Mr. Andrews?! Who the hell is Mr. Andrews!?

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