Chapter 2: Plane Flight from Hell, and The cocky Attendant

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" Nothings wrong, you can go," Mr. Andrews Smiled. The flight attendant stared at me and her smile slowly turned sour as she looked down to me. I glared back at her, this surprised her as she signaled she was watching me. She put to fingers to her eyes and then pointed them at me as she mouthed "I'm Watching you". What the hell was that about? Scary people, the enormous man to my right looked quizzically to Mr. Andrews and his grin grew.

" I knew, I knew you from somewhere!" He gasped for air as his cheeks puffed with excitement. I looked at him curious to what it was he was talking about. He reached his hand over me, and stuck it out towards Mr. Andrews! He looked at the man and shook his hand.

" I'm am such a big fan, truly!" he fluttered. Famous, Mr. Andrews was " Famous" I used quotations with my fingers as it continued the conversation to my self. I suddenly felt and instant wetting sensation on my stomach. I looked down to see a puddle forming on my lap. Horrified I looked up again to see the fat man he was leaning over me to get to Mr., Andrews! He mouth hung open and saliva perpetrating from it. Drip, drip, drip, the constant moving of his tongue caused the slobber to slip out of his mouth onto my lap. I lifted my hands instantly into the air, my mouth dropped as I let out a horrified scream. "AHHHHHHHHHH" I yelled, " YOU DROOLED ON ME!" I cried. Then Mr. Andrews leaned over and noticed that I had a lake sized puddle on my shirt. He Roared in laughter now. I glared sending desperate death rays in his directions, see this he covered his mouth trying his hardest not to laugh. I shoved the fat man out of my way and proceeded to the restroom in the back of the plane. Everyone was staring now, I could feel my cheeks burn with desire to kill. The fat man called out to me but I couldn't hear him over the loud laughter. I slammed the door behind me and switched the dial to " Occupied", and sat on the toilet as I took off my soaked shirt. It was my favorite shirt too, it was fitting , long, and an emerald green, with a golden and black print on the side. I slowly put it on the toilet paper holder.

" Hun are you okay in there?!" I heard an southern accent call to me. I sniffed, and sighed and answered.

" I'm fine, I just go my shirt wet is all." I said, getting mad at myself for getting so upset about a shirt. Here I was miles from home heading to a hell whole and I'm stuck on a plane, only in my red bra and pants sitting on a toilet almost in tears. I'm pathetic…

" Okay Hun, if your sure, I can get you a different shirt, and Mr. Hanson says he's very sorry." She said sweetly in her accent. Mr. Hanson? Oh the Fat man, so that's his name." Okay ill go get you a sh-" she began to say before getting cut off. I heard whispers outside the door but who was she talking to? I heard a knock and then some one opened the door and shut it. I curled up in a ball and hide my self in the corner behind the toilet, as much as I could.

" What are you doing? I'm not going to kill you" I heard a familiar voice say. I looked up horrified.

" WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE!" I cried. It was Mr. Andrew. A smug grin grew over his face as he lean against the door and looked down on me. Glared sitting with my knees covering my chest.

" Can you see I'm changing, you hormonal pervert." I said hissing at him.

" Ouch, and here I came to help you!" He said with a sneer, but if you prefer, I could always get Mr. Hanson in here to help you. I shuddered at the though.

" To bad he wouldn't fit in here." I said angrily. He looked surprised at my comment and the smiled dissipated from his mouth.

" Here" he said reaching over his head and pulling of his hooded sweatshirt. As he took it off I caught a glimpse of his stomach, he was fit, sexy fit. I couldn't look away until he pulled down the shirt he had on underneath it coving his stomach once again. He handed me his sweatshirt.

" Uh, I can't …its yours and" I searched for an excuse to not take it but he just raised on eyebrow and looked at me.

" Take it unless you'd like to walk around in your "red" bra or a spit covered shirt. I glared at him for mentioning that my bra had been red and snatched the sweatshirt out of his hand and slipped it on faster than you could say popper corn potatoes!

" Looks good" he smiled and the smug grin began to reappear. As he moved to open the door the attendant who had called him " Mr. Andrews" came running down the isle. Her face sour as soon as she made her way to the toilet. People leaned over in their chairs to see what we were doing.

" Mr. Andrews, are you alright did she hurt you, did she scare you for life? " she kept asking all these questions. AS he stared at her, his face was completely innocent.

" no, I just helping her" he said sweetly .

" I'm going to go get you something warm to drink" she said as she swished and waddled back down the isle. Mr. Andrews looked back down at me and put out his hand for me to grab. I looked at it as though it was diseased.

" No, I'm good Mr. Andrews, Mr. Andrews, Mr. Andrews." I was mocking the attendant as I stood up and dusted of the back and bottom of my pants. Mr. Andrews laughter a little and looked disgruntled.

" My name is Maythew. Call me That okay?" He said serious and for once very sincere. Maythew, wow, never heard that name before and he's kind of cute when he's not being a total jack ass.

" Okay, Maythew. I'm Anderlyn, but you can call me Andie." I said smiling. He looked at me again and started laughing again and walked down the isle toward our seats. I walked after him wondering why he was laughing at me now. Before I reached my seat I was stopped by that creep attendant . She rushed over to me like a bull once it sees red.

" You better Leave Mr. Andrews alone, if you get my drift, or your shirt wont be the only thing with spit in it!" Her threats were the worst I had heard…ever. She darted back off to get the cart cause she was about to serve dinner. I was on my way to reach my seat, when she came by with the cart slamming the side into my butt and lower back knocking me on the lap of Mr. Hanson. I laid there my butt hanging over the arm of his seat and my upper half on his lap. I turned to get up but before I could the fat man wrapped his pudgy fingers around me like I was burrito, half off at saint Paul's.

" Oh I'm so sorry for doing that earlier I have a very over active gland in my mouth that-" he kept going on and on as air was seeping its way out of my body turning me blue.

"Can't breath, turning blue" I whimpered. Someone help me please!

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