Hey everyone. My language arts class is in our poetry unit and I'm an avid member of the Writer's Club at my school. I wanted to see what people think of this poem that I wrote. We had to write a poem with personification. This is the one I wrote. Please R&R!

Fear is present,

Lurking in the dark of your mind.

He is waiting for your most vulnerable moment,

When he will strike.

It comes;

Fear rears his hooded head

And wraps his spindly fingers around your emotions.

A cloud of dust cackles and coats the walls of your brain.

His cloak trails the ground of your heart.

Under the black hood

Is his shadow of a face.

It holds eyes wide,

A mouth agape in a silent scream.

Fear cuts an X into your heart

And enters without your consent.

Shakily he walks around your heart,

Leaving inky footsteps in his wake.

He rides the blood

That flows through your veins.

His whispers fly

And strike chords within.

Fear is spreading.

The effect is gradual.

The realization of his presence.

Sweat on your brow.

Shaking arms and legs.

Shallow, uneven breaths.

Watching from above,

Fear claps his hands in delight.

His job is done.

You have given in to him.

Fear has captured you.