Hey everyone. It time for the poetry unit in language arts. I wrote this when we were told to write a poem using simile and metaphor. The weird thing about this poem is that I wrote this during the night. Please R&R!

I walk outside

When someone has yet to stir

And am amazed at what I see.

My eyes are wide as saucers.

The sky is a watercolor painting,

Pinks, reds, and oranges dancing

Across a blank canvas.

The birds are a chorus

Sitting upon the branches,

Greeting the day with cheer

As children do when the final

School bell rings.

A cool breeze blows past

Sending ripples through the grass

Like waves on the water.

Dewdrops glide down a blade of grass

Like tears upon a cheek.

Flower buds are eyes

Opening slowly in wonder.

The sun shines down with

The glow of a content child.

It is a sign of life and peace.

All is wonderful

And I soak it up like a sponge.