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Rei's Little Prologue

I've always heard stories about girls falling for their best guy friend. I could never imagine myself falling for my best friend (that is male) named Zander. Zander Hoffer is an all-around popular boy, athletic, and, of course, gorgeous.

One day I found myself with the biggest crush on Zander Hoffer. I tried subtle hints. I tried everything short of throwing myself at him. After a year I became sick of my unrequited crush and fell out of it. I'm not the boy crazy type.

I started looking around and that was when I noticed Trace Hoffer, Zander's shy, quiet, and smart older brother, was as equally if not more gorgeous. Trace was a loner/outcast that hid behind his books. He was a nice guy. We had always been friendly towards each other, but I had never looked at him as boyfriend material.

When I tried subtle hints with Trace he asked me if I had gotten over my crush on his brother. Honestly I answered yes. He asked me if I liked him. I answered yes. Then he asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend. There is no subtly among Trace. Once again I answered yes. We started dating.

Then there was my secrets and another crush that got in the way.

Zander's POV

I watched my best female friend Rei as my brother Trace drew her. Rei was more beautiful than the moon. Currently her pale ivory skin was flushed because she paced and ranted about her mother. Her midnight black hair went halfway down her back and her eyes were a deep blue. Long and shapely described her legs. Yes, I had a crush on my best friend. Too bad she was my brother's girlfriend.

It was killing me. "Trace and Zander, are you listening to me?" Rei asked. She called her rant to a halt. She stood motionlessly and looked at me.

"Umm. . . umm. . . no?" I offered.

"No, darling. What were you staying?" Trace asked. He looked up from his sketchpad.

"My mom has decide since I act like a boy I should go to your school!" She exclaimed.

"Our school? Elder Academy for BOYS?" I asked. "Elder Academy is an all-boy school!" The Academy was a private high school with a university branch that Trace attended.

"I know that. Mother is sending me there. Stella's parents are sending her there, too." She said. Stella was her other best friend. Stella and Rei became our classmates.

Rei became my roommate. She did not act frightened at the thought of being stuck with all the boys. She was annoyed. She wore her long dark hair in a ponytail and she was dressed in blue jeans and a black t-shirt. Trace had his arm causally thrown over her shoulders. He was trying not to act afraid of our male classmates' reactions to his gorgeous girlfriend. The students of Elder Academy could be rough.

"Hey, Hoffer, why did you bring your girlfriend?" One of Trace's friends and roommates Anton asked. He was blonde and blue eyed. Often he dated a different girl everyday of the week, but he was nice.

"She's going to Elder now."

"Serious?" Anton exclaimed. Trace nodded. "We have girls here now." He stated in amazement. Once again he nodded. "AWESOME!" Trace gave Anton an if-you-go-near-my-girlfriend-I-kick-your-butt look. It was amusing to watch my generally pacifist brother threaten violence with his eyes.

"Rei, this is Anton Greenly, my best friend and one of my roommates. Anton, this is Rei, my girlfriend." Anton and Rei shook hands.

Then there was a horrific sight. One student, whose name I did not know, paraded through the halls in the nude. Rei buried her head in Trace's chest. I was sure her eyes were as damaged as mine by the sight.

"Put some clothes on!" I exclaimed. Then Stella walked in. She shrieked.

"Like what you see?" The kid asked.

"No, put some clothes on unless you want an indecent exposure charge!" Rei ordered. The kid ran at the mention of the law. Rei shook her head as if she tried to get the image out of her head.

Trace kissed her and whispered something in her ear.

Rei's POV

"I assure you mine is much bigger than that." Trace whispered in my ear. I giggled and caught Zander looking at me again. I kept giggling and ignored it.

I was terrified of how sex with Trace would affect our relationship. This was why I still wore my purity ring. Stella was constantly reminding me "Umm, Rei, you are dating an older college man. Of course, he'll want sex. Look at high school boys that all they want. Do you actually think that changes when they get to college?" It wasn't like Trace started to hint at 'Doing It' as some people like Stella and myself worded it.

My high school classes were okay. My college classes were much better. The high school students weren't accepting of girls in their school. They were plain cruel. They tormented, teased, tripped, touched, harassed, hit, and hit on. I had never known people to be so physically violent. At the University branch of Elder Academy the college students welcomed me into their classes. Everyone at the University was helpful and friendly.

Happily I saw the end of the day when I was thoroughly kissed by Trace. He pulled me into an empty classroom at the high school branch. The school was huge. It was over two hundred fifty acres. He kissed me. Then he trailed light kisses upon my neck. Trace's hands held my waist. I regretted keeping my secrets from him, acting like a fake by pretending everything was great in my life, and not telling another man practically owned me, but I still did it.

He sat down and pulled me in. His hands traveled up my shirt on to my bare skin. His hands were massive and warm. This was as far as he had ever gone with me. "Trace!" I let out a startled cry of fright. He let me go and cradled my face.

"Shh. . . shh . . . shh. . ." He soothed. "It's fine." Then he enveloped me into his arms. I kissed him for his sweetness. There wasn't really any hot and heavy chemistry with us together. Trace was a fantastic guy though sadly we did not have that all-consuming-fireworks-going-off-in-your-mind chemistry. So we settled for friends with benefits and joked privately about it.

The lights flipped on. The youngest, hottest male teacher/counselor at Elder stood in the doorway. We scrambled apart. I had heard rumors of how good-looking Mr. Elliot Emerson was, but I never expected the dark blonde, boyish blue-eyed man that stood before me. Every guy was jealous of him.

"Oh, my. Trace, I would have never expected this sort of behavior from you." Mr. Emerson remarked. I was blushed scarlet.

"Well, every boy has to grow up some time." Trace stated. "Relax, honey. Mr. E is more my friend than my teacher."

"If I reported every student caught I'd be writing reports all the time." He joked. "Are you going to introduce me to your girlfriend?"

"Yes, Rei, this is Mr. Elliot Emerson. Mr. E, this is Rei." Trace introduced.

"Nice to meet you, Rei." Mr. E said. They shook hands. I repeated his greeting only with his name. "I'm not that scary." He promised.

"Sure." Trace remarked sarcastically.

"I hear they're letting you teach an art class at the high school." Mr. E said.

"Oh, really? Congratulations, Trace!" I hugged him. He smiled and let me go. I received the feeling that Trace didn't want me showing my over-emotional girlfriend side in front of his new colleague. I couldn't blame him.

"I'll see you around." Mr. E said good-bye. He shut the door on his way out. I became scared when he didn't say anything. Had I done something wrong? Maybe I broke the etiquette of dating. I wouldn't have known.

"Stop looking as if I'm going to beat you." He commanded softly with a smile. He pulled me into his arms and kissed me. It soothed away my fears. "I wasn't embarrassed by you. I just didn't want to look unprofessional. You are a high school student and I'm going to teach a high school class. We'll have to keep PDA on school grounds down to a minimal." I nodded. He tried not to be mean to me. He tried to make his job a success. His gentle kiss was reassurance.

"Dinner?" I recalled numbly. My brain currently did not function at full capacity. Students were supposed to be doing something for dinner.

He took my hand and guided me to the outside of the building. "Where are we going?" I whispered.

"We're skipping the mandatory dinner." He said when we arrived at the car.

"What if they find out?" I asked.

"You're with me, honey. Don't worry about it." Trace reassured. We went to this fancy Italian restaurant. It was wonderful. Then we went back to the car. Once again I had no clue where he was taking me.

Zander's POV

Trace kept an apartment off campus because of all of Anton's after hour guests. I had never expected myself to get drunk at my usual back-to-school party. Well, so drunk that I ended up on Trace's doorstep ready to confess everything. I almost pounded in the door. I never claimed to be a good guy. I did drugs and got drunk often despite my brother's protests. My brother was a goody-two-shoes and deserving of Rei. I couldn't stand it.

"Trace! Trace!" I yelled in hoarse drunkenness. "Open the d—" The door swung open, due to my pounding. Confused I walked in to find Trace and Rei "together" on the couch.

He dismantled himself from Rei. "Are you okay, bro?" He asked more calm than I was. He stood. Rei's hair was all over the place. She was startled, exposed, frightened, and embarrassed.

"You son of a b!" I accused. Trace was surprised.

"What's wrong?" He asked. I was enraged to find him with the girl I liked.

"You disgusting—" I left it unfinished instead I ran. Trace chased after me.

"Stop! You're drunk." He grabbed me hauled me back into his place. "Rei, honey, coffee, please?"

"Pot's already on." She announced. She looked at me. She bit her lip and looked worried. Her arms were crossed across her chest. She tugged on her earring. "I'll leave you alone."

"Where a—" Trace started to ask, but she was already out the door. By the time he got back to me I had regained my senses. "What is up with you?"

"Just drunk." I asked. Finally I came to my senses. Trace gave me a look. "I'm just drunk." I repeated. I couldn't exactly tell him I fancied his girlfriend that would just be plain stupid.

"Well, drunken brother, you just freaked Rei out. Will you be okay if I go after her?" Trace asked.

"Oh, she'll be fine. She just is taking a walk." I remarked. Trace gave me another look.

"In a city that she is unfamiliar with. Plus she's a teenaged girl. People find teenaged females easy victims because of stereotypes." He told me like I was a huge idiot. "I'm going to go find her before she gets lost or worse." Told you he was the good guy. I think the real reason I was so jealous of Rei and his relationship was because Trace had actually gotten the girl I wanted. Generally I was the brother who got everything he wanted. Talk about sibling rivalry and Rei was hot.

He chased after her. In less than five minutes Trace had brought her back. My drunken mind did not comprehend the scared look Rei shot my way. Why was she frightened of me?

"I'll take you both back." Trace said.

Rei went to the backseat because she thought I would sit in the front seat. I sat in the back. I did another stupid thing.

Rei's List

1. I will not develop a crush on either Zander or Trace, but I am allowed to date Trace.

2. I will not act like a tomboy because my tomboyish behavior landed me at a school where boys walk around in the nude.

3. I will not have my first exposure to the real naked male to be a complete stranger.

4. I will not be so nice to Zander. It gives him ideas about me liking him.

5. I will not be afraid of sleeping with Trace.

6. I will not let high school students get the best of me. They are only immature, little brats that I'm going to get back one day.

7. I will not under any circumstances fall for Mr. E no matter how good looking he is. You're been down that road before, Moon!

8. I will not be around drunken people. They scare me for reasons I will not disclose.

9. I will not skip mandatory dinners because supposedly I'm a good girl.

10. I will not be frightened by Zander. I have known him for years. Just because he busted into Trace's apartment bellowing cuss words shouldn't scare me.

11. I will not commit personal displays of affection towards my boyfriend on campus ground. I get caught. Just my luck!

12. I will not embarrass my boyfriend. I'm very good at embarrassing him. Now he is an important art teacher.

13. I will not make out with my boyfriend without double-checking the lock on the door. I do not want another awkward scene.

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