Zander ended up in a drunken driving accident and found God. He's in rolled
in rehab.

Stella finally came to like Damien and got married to Anton. They're
expecting their first child.

Trace found a new love. They got married and are also expecting their
first child. I like his wife. She's nice. At first she was jealous of me, but we got over that.

Mr. E started a counseling program at the school and the track team won first place at state.

Mr. Andrews received the death penalty. He was put to rest and I attended just so that way I knew he wouldn't try to kill me again. None of the other victims contracted HIV. I guess we were all lucky.

Michael is living life to the fullest despite his HIV. He is taking the proper precautions and trying to behave himself. We're getting along fine expect when I introduce him I still introduce him as my stepbrother. I really don't want to go there.

Mother got out of serving time only to be shot down up the drug dealers
she owed money to.

I really did write my book. It's called 657 Things in honor of the six
hundred and fifty-seven thousand dollars Damien spent on me prior to our
marriage. I've decided I'm not going to pay him back. Being his wife is
enough for payment, considering I plan on spending the rest of my life
with him.

In short, we lived happily ever after with a few 'minor' turbulences along
the way.

Author's Note: Yes, I can now live with the fact I wrote this story. It is much better. I still don't think it is the best so if you review don't tell me you agree with me because I already know.