Bittersweet words
Lace your fingers through mine
Its got a hold of me now
Hold on tight
Put up a fight
Jealousy is a death wish
And love is suicide

Bittersweet words
"I'll never forget you,"
Oh, how time flies by
And in the end, all you can do
Is let go and hope she's fine
My dear friend, join the circus
Where anything and everything
Is possible
Chained animals and scary clowns
It's a wonder that you're still alive

Bittersweet words
"I'll always love you,"
How can you when you're
In the ground?
Buried 6 feet and still going down
Sewed up lips and gray blotchy skin
My dear friend, you're not as beautiful
As you were
Oh, are these your friends?
Why do they eat your rotting skin?

Bittersweet words
"Till Death Do Us Part,"
My dear friend, death came early
For you
And now she's stuck up here
While you're down there
What does it feel like to be dead?
Do you even know you are?

Bittersweet words
Raw wounds and forgotten promises
But one promise, you did keep, oh you did keep
"I'll give you anything and everything,"
You gave her security, you gave her confidence,
And you gave her love

Bittersweet words
As the wind blows, she hears
Words swept into the wind
From your grave
Where you're buried 6 feet and still going down
"Lace your fingers through mine,
Its got a hold of me now
Hold me until you can no longer
Hold on tight
Please, put up a fight
Jealousy is a death wish
And love is suicide
But remember my Bittersweet words
That I mumbled into your ears
When the world wasn't so cold
And remember this, He may have
Killed me, but I'll always be with you
And that's a promiseā€¦"

Okay, well to tell you the truth I'm not exactly sure what this is about. And yes, I know it's very dark. What can I say? I'm a weird person. And please do not think that I'm some depressed teenager that can only write about depressing stuff; because I'm not. I am, most of the time, happy. Dark poems and such are just what I am good at writing. I don't really expect anybody to review this, this was just for my entertainment and experiementing with different words and such. If there are any typos, please let me know. I didn't really go through it, I just skimmed it:)

Mucho love,