Heart's Chocolate: A Friend's Unrequited Love

Aku: Hello, people. This is my first post so be gentle! I rather like this sweet fluffy thing. In fact, I don't know what I was on while I wrote this but I want more of it. It's slash. (gasp, gasp) so if you don't want it, don't waste your time and mine by flaming it. It is disjointed, messy, and unedited. It reflects me perfectly. Slash lovers, enjoy!


Every holiday, Natuka would make chocolate and Alan would sit on the counter, right there and watch him. It was tradition. It's been tradition since the fifth grade. Every holiday, Natuka would make three chocolates. That was tradition too. Two circles and a heart were made lovingly out of sweet brown goodness. One circle was for his beloved sister who raised him, the other was for his dear friend, and the heart was for his crush. As Natuka made these chocolates, he would smile at Alan and say,

"Family chocolate, friend chocolate, like chocolate."

Natuka would faithfully do this before every holiday. The next day, he would go early to school and slip the heart chocolate into his crush's locker and watch as his gift was discovered. Natuka's face would glow happily as he watched his gift received with surprise and flattery.

Alan loved that look on Natuka's face.

On several occasions, Alan tried to convince Natuka to confess.

"C'mon! Go ahead! You have nothing to lose."

"You're right."

"Why don't you confess then? You're cuter than his girlfriend is!"

Natuka always refused, though… and in a small petty part of his soul, Alan was glad. It was comforting to know that he could selfishly have Natuka to himself.

Sometimes, Alan would also receive chocolates. Small confessions of admiration, adoration. Most came with letters. Some were anonymous, others not, and some asked to meet so that they could confess in person, without prying eyes.

Alan refused all of them.

It hurt how his heart gave a small jump of hope, every time he saw heart chocolate, knowing that it was impossible because he SAW Natuka make his chocolates but still hoping.

Then, he'd read that letter or see the unfamiliar wrapping and his hopes would fall, promising himself that he wouldn't hope again.

Even if it was a lie.


Once, Alan tried to make his feelings known to Natuka.

The school had a fundraiser. It was a spur of the moment thing, put together by the gardening club. It was called "Forget-me-not Promise". You could buy a forget-me-not for your sweetheart. The school was full of giggly girls and blushing boys that day.

Alan bought one and gave it to Natuka, hoping that he could read between the lines but he already half-expected Natuka's answer.

"A-ah?? For me? Thank you but… It's nice that you want to support the school but if you buy one, you should give it to someone you really like, silly!"

Natuka had reprimanded him, half-laughingly.

Stupid, clueless, cute Natuka.

"But you're the one I like the most!"

Alan had smiled, had laughed it off with Natuka… but his heart still hurt.


Natuka signed up for a prestegious high school, a private one with dorms. He wanted to make his sister proud. Alan wasn't smart enough to get admitted. That was the first time he had regretted his mediocre grades.

Natuka had promised to keep in touch and kept that promise faithfully but Alan couldn't stand it. After the first few days, he skipped and took a bus to Natuka's school. Natuka had scolded him but it was worth seeing his face.

Alan saw that his best friend had already made a new friend. It was an older student whose name he refused to remember. Natuka still smiled at him but those smiles were no longer for him alone.

It made sense that Natuka would find a new friend that quickly because Natuka was just like that. He was never really exclusive, always kind to everyone but up until then, Alan had taken some comfort in knowing that he was the closest to Natuka.

Not anymore, it seemed.

Cruel, sweet, unknowing Natuka.


Four months later, Natuka was home for the Christmas. Alan once again watched Natuka make chocolate.

Alan had found a girlfriend, a sweet girl named Julie. They had started dating about a month ago. He truly adored her and the feeling was mutual. He felt happier with Julie than he had with Natuka but secretly worried that it was only because his feelings were returned.

Natuka was also different. He no longer came running to Alan, his closest friend, for help. They were still close but the distance made it hard. Alan felt bitter that he had been replaced by that older guy. They had felt closer than Natuka and he had been but that feeling no longer ruled his life. Natuka still gave him chocolate through the mail and Alan assumed that the new friend also received a circular piece of chocolate. Maybe he also wished for Natuka's heart chocolate.

They had both changed.

Alan was going over these thoughts as he watched Natuka make the three chocolates like always and frowned in surprise. He was missing a chocolate for his new friend. He glanced at Natuka and looked questioningly at the chocolates.

"Aren't you forgetting someone?"

Natuka blushed a bright red and smiled shyly.


Family chocolate, friend chocolate, love chocolate.


Aku: ... the sweetness doesn't really fit me... However did I write this??;;;; Maybe it's because I am currently craving sweets??? -How is that, wierdo??? Well, thank you for reading this! I hope you will read more of my works in the future! (if I ever get around to posting them...) Hmmm... I'm think of drawing a picture for it... I'll put a link up if I ever do that but don't count on it!