Lather, Rinse, Repeat: Back to the Beginning

Yes, yes, I have been neglecting this for a looooong time but I bet not many people missed it anyway so it's fine. I'm trying my hardest to bring Chocoverse back. Wish me luck!


Things got a bit strange after that. Natuka was still nice but not quite as friendly. Rrayven tried to bring up the chocolate incident several times but Natuka went so far as to brush him off. He bitterly watched one of his few friends grow distant over the matter of a piece of chocolate he wanted since the beginning.

So Rrayven turned his back out of frustration.

He started to date a bit carelessly. Boys from school and girls from the small town nearby. It was done not in any real affection but just for the pleasure of being with another attractive person. There was no time that way, to spend thinking of an odd embarrassed boy who danced to his strict sister's tune. He glanced back several times, briefly, at his first crush and always found him alone, patiently smiling.

It broke his heart and warmed it simultaneously.


The year passed and summer came. Rrayven took a strong interest in a cute girl who worked part-time at an arcade. They dated all summer but when the time came for them to part, they did it cordially. Within a week, he couldn't remember her name.

Back at school, Rrayven ran into Natuka again. Literally.

"Ehh, this really brings us back, yes?"

He looked into smiling eyes over a cardboard box. Natuka was now a little taller and his hair a little longer but he still smiled patiently at his friend.

"If you have time, would you please help?"

Rrayven thought back to his own unpacked cartons in his dorm.


This time, it was easier to be friends with him. The chocolate was still a taboo subject but Natuka was no longer inclined to avoid his friend. It was strained at times but it was getting better as the months wore on.

Then the other shoe dropped.


Some boys decided to crash Rrayven's room while he was away one Friday morning with Natuka. They started a small, highly alcoholic gathering and were pretty loose by the time Rrayven got back with Natuka. They had laughingly waved off Rrayven's anger and pressed bottles into his hands and invited the two to join them. He didn't know exactly why but he sat in the corner of his dorm, took a gulp, and watched Natuka out of the corner of his eye, sipping tentatively.

Natuka was still nursing that one bottle when he was on his third. Rrayven was pretty relaxed by this time and was talking with the rest of the boys invading his room. He turned to say something but paused when he saw Natuka. He still had the same bottle he was given but his face was flushed and his eyes were overbright, clearly drunk. While the others chattered on, he stared at the dazed look on his friend's face. Natuka noticed him looking and gave a quivering smile so Rrayven leaned over and kissed him, hard. He pulled the smaller boy down on him and murmured that it would be all right.

When he woke up, he was lying next to a naked Natuka and the others were still passed out. He stared at the body he was spooned against for a second before it hit his mind. He had sex with Natuka in a roomful of boys, while he was drunk. He tentatively touched his friend's hip and felt him flinch. He was awake then. Rrayven propped himself up and peered around to see his face.

Natuka was crying.

Rrayven silently helped him get dressed and escorted him back to his room. After the door was shut in his face, he made his lonely way back to his own dorm to deal with the young drunks still in his room.