40 minutes, I'm still here,

waiting for something to happen.

I'll stare around at these growing crowds,

and wonder why I'm sitting alone.

It just seems like I've steered right of the track

instead of winning the race.

Storm clouds are coming, rain drops are falling,

and the rears are coming now.

Just alone by the street, watching the cars pass,

and wondering why I'm me.

Won't you take my hand and help me see

that things aren't all that bad.

I need a strong someone to lead me over the flood.

I need a lover to swing me up above the clouds.

Look there's only 25 minutes left now.

But I'm still here in the pouring rain.

Just me sitting down, face in my arms,

and everyone else running around.

Wish I could erase the smudges that surround me,

run away from the haunting eyes.

Can't waste enough ink on this white paper

to get rid of all my hate and rage.

Just 10 minutes until I'm free,

I've almost been released;

it just won't come fast enough.

Spill ice cold water over my hair,

just jump in the lake and try to breathe.

One door closes, the rest follow suit,

and then they just laugh in my face.

Pinch me until I bleed, beat me until I break.

'Cause the voices won't leave me alone.

Five more minutes, go back to the start.

All alone and falling to pieces again.

Return to the refrain and won't you say

that you need me too.

The blood is boiling, veins are popping,

just doing what I'm doing

isn't good enough anymore.

Won't you say you want me too?

Won't you say you'll always be there?

One more minute, but my mind's already dead.

Won't you bring my soul back?

Won't you let me live?