Won't you let me anonymous?

Because I want to be anonymous

and not introduced as someone's daughter.

I want to be my own person

but I can't, people won't let me.

Wishes are frivolous, and dreams are too.

You'll always be there, waiting,

watching me as I make mistakes

over and over again.

I don't want to keep praising something

I don't even believe in.

So give me another song to sing,

another tune to dance to.

I'll twirl around until I get dizzy,

anything to just forget.

And I'll part my parched lips

and whisper softly, so only I can hear.

"I am not my father's child."

It's just fate's cold trick and

your icy eye, searing holes in my back.

I've had enough. I'll turn around

and scream in your face

"I am not my father's child."

But tears show no mercy,

and I'll collapse at your feet, sobbing.

"I am not your child

and I never will be."