Guilty Until Proven Innocent



I didn't satisfy my deep desire

I didn't get what I wanted

a craving so strong, so terribly dire

Dammit, it's pushing my resistance tonight

It's persuading me to bend and break

join us in the darkness, just leave the light

Raising my hooded head to the storms submissively

The black skies raining down streams of blood and tears

it's crying for you, don't you see?

Opening my lips painted a sticky crimson

Letting out a scream sharp and harsh

the anguish of a bittersweet sin

Thunder releasing its shocking anger

Blacking out the empty world

nobody there to mourn the death of her

It was swift and clean anyway

The torture only lasting a mere semi-second

but it's still a murder either way

Trying hard not to feel this guilt

Trying to ignore it with easy lies

c'mon, just admit it, the milk's already spilt

Death's only one step away for almost everyone

She tripped earlier than most would

but only because you pushed her forward on Friday the 13th's sun

Now the darkness of the night comes to swallow us all

No, the only way to please death

what's the point if everyone is immortal?

Is to just take that one step

Or to be tripped by another

Relax, we're already all in the depths

You and she are the same

Never to see another new dawn again

death has you both tamed.