Follow me; follow me, through mixed-up world.

I'll try to hold on to your hand and lead you through

this place. I'll try to replace your mind, don't talk

to yourself. Don't talk me; I'm just full of silly love songs

and even sillier old lies of a world that will one day be peace.

Hey, don't talk to me 'cause I'll fill your head with silly thoughts.

Hey, don't talk me 'cause I'll ruin your life for good.

You're heavy with drowsy sleep, I'm heavy with bloody thoughts.

We're too different peas in a pod and we just don't belong.

What is wrong with everything that makes this world up?

Stupid songs won't cure my hate and rage towards him,

you can't cure my hate and rage towards him.

Don't you try to force your "I love God" ways on me.

I'm just a mixed-up girl, in this really mixed-up world.

I'm trying to feel my way pass all this smoke and fog,

can't see anything in this haze. What's the point of it?

Why do we fall on our knees and cry out to the skies?

And we hope that someday someone will answer back.

But hey, I can tell you different. You can stare at the clouds,

and hope that they'll fall down with the stars, but they never will.

There'll be not reply back from the heavens above. It's just a lie.

I'm just a lie. Everything's a lie. And I'm just a mixed-up girl

in my own little mixed-up world…