Pools of anger pulse
From my fingers to my
Cheeks and I pretend
Everything is alright looking
Into your eyes why do you
Think it is all under control
When I already know you are
Going to fall down skin your
Knees with bloody tears
Streaming from your eyes
A fountain of pain I can't heal

Do you know that they will never
Love you like I love you because
They don't know how beautiful
You really are my darling

I hate you so much right now as
They tear down your defenses and a
Smile bright forms on your face
Laughing, lying with them to them
Can't you see you don't belong with them?

You want to be an influence to them
Help them through their struggles
But I can already see the changes they've
Made in you honey and they aren't
Sweet but more like a burning harsh
Reality being forced down my throat because
I can't make you listen to me

All I want is for you to be all that you
Can be and still love God and maybe even
Still love me I don't know anymore
Because this time you won't get mad at me
I want you to get mad at me because at least
Then something changes I can't live life
Pretending this is ok when we are terrified
What's going to happen to you?

I wish I could see the real you darling
Because if this is it, I didn't know someone
So shallowly broken could still whisper
I love you and think I would believe it