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Chapter three: Justice and Sin.

Agile sat with her back to the vampire's chest. The muscles under his skin could be felt even through the fabrics she wore. Since Lusien was just about the same height as her, he could let his chin balance on her shoulder. Together, they lay against a tombstone and stared up at the moonlit sky.

It was so pure.

And both of them were very much not.

Lusien trailed his fingers across her neck, and over her throat. It didn't bother her as it should have. His fingers came to an abrupt halt however, when they reached the leather necklace she wore. She closed her eyes tightly, realizing her mistake all too late.

"What's this?" Lusien asked, chuckling. "I haven't seen it before."

"It's nothing you blind bat." Agile replied too briskly, brushing his cool fingers aside. "Just a hunter's trinket."

Agile hated when she got stupid, because whenever a hunter grew stupid, it caused for mistakes, and mistakes could turn into death. The Nighter believed herself to be beyond death. Her pride protected herself from that bit of danger, even though she did dance with it every day. Mornings and nights, she danced along the edge of a blade, a blade that could slice through her lifeline at any time.

"No." Lusien drawled slowly. "I'm not a blind bat, thank you very much. I see quite well, well enough to know you've been keeping a nasty little secret." Lusien picked the leather pouch up and Agile didn't stop him this time. He gave it a sniff. "It's his." Agile didn't answer, and just watched as the vamp inclined his head at her. "And what secret has my little hunter been keeping from me? That she wears Devil's scent round her neck?"

Agile finally wrenched around in his lap so she could stare him in the eye.

"Whatever scents I adorn is none of your business." She said, pointing a finger in his face. "Got it?"

"Don't wear it."

That was the last straw.

"Don't you dare tell me what to do!" And Agile lunged to her feet. She turned and gave Lusien a glare, who still remained on the ground, his bare back leaning against the tombstone.

He gave a sigh, and crossed his arms behind his head. He stared up at her with a grin. He was completely naked, and so was she.

"Are you going to leave?" His tone was neither hopeful or unhappy, or even angry. It sounded more sarcastic and bemused. Amazingly, she wasn't pissed. Instead, she felt a shiver go over her skin.

"All depends on if you'll drop this stupidity or not." She said as she crossed her arms over her breasts, suddenly feeling self conscious.

"But I hear stupidity can be an alluring charm." And the vampire offered a hand to the hunter standing in the cold, the winds brushing across her chilled skin. Agile took his hand, and returned to her original position in his lap.

"Not to me." Agile replied softly.

"Good to hear it." He chuckled. "Because among my many charms, I don't believe stupidity is on the list." Lusien was sliding down to lie on the dirt floor. Agile went with him, laying her head in the crook of his arm.

"Depends on who you ask."

"Well, I sure won't be asking you then, will I?" Lusien snorted.

Agile didn't even have a chance to form a comeback, before her partner had rolled over, ending up on top of her. His lips were on hers again, tasting, exploring, teasing for every permission there was to be granted of one's lips. He taunted her mouth, asking for entrance like a polite gentleman, such an odd contrast to what he was. After a moment of teasing, Agile accepted the offer.

There wasn't any heat as there had been before, just a soft passion shared by two bodies; a reminiscence of what they'd shared not an hour before. It was just mere playing and teasing. Their needs had been satisfied for now. A craving for touch was all that remained.

Abruptly, Lusien pushed himself off of her. He sat alongside her, his eyes adverted to the side.

"What's the issue?" Agile asked, sitting up and crossing her legs.

"You know what the damn issue is." He hissed quietly, and she saw his eyes flick to the necklace hanging about her throat.

"Jesus!" Agile exclaimed.

"You know how strong vampire senses are." He continued. "You've been wearing that thing so long and often, that Devil's scent and yours have meshed. It's disgusting."

"You do not want to go there." Agile snapped, and then calmed herself. She would not loose her cool. Not to him.

"Then let's not go there, and have you take that thing off."

Agile pursed her lips and raised an eyebrow at him. She glanced around at the surrounding countryside and the field of gravestones. She remembered where they were, and the bodies that lay dormant several feet under their own discarded shoes. She looked to the dead body sitting next to her, but which wasn't contained inside a fancy intricate oak box, but instead was looking off into the distance, a frown on his lips.

She removed the necklace, slid it into her shoe. He finally looked at her again, and she grabbed up that gaze.

"Are we done with that now, my blind bat?"" She lay back down.

Without reply, Lusien descended back down to the ground beside her. And as if he had the wings of a bat, he smothered her with his darkness. In a few minutes, sleep possessed the both of them. Dreams bounced around inside their heads, a ruckus only silenced upon waking. The only reason the two woke at all was because they smelled the sun on the horizon.

"You should go." Agile groaned as she rolled over. "This place is dusty enough. We don't need you adding to it." She slid from his arms as she stretched her own above her head.

"And I don't much care for the idea of becoming a pile of gray stuff." Lusien abruptly tugged her back into his arms. She resisted grinning. He nuzzled her neck.

The darkness was starting to dim. The birds were waking and urging their young to open up their eyes. The Nighter felt Lusien let out a sigh, the fake air slithering across her flesh, and downwards.

"I guess I better go." He finally released her.

Lusien pulled his breeches back on, buttoned them up. He slid his black T-shirt with a scull on the front over his head, and Agile found herself staring at his muscled chest, until it disappeared beneath the cloth. She pulled on her own leather breeches, along with an equally black shirt, and her long dark purple cloak. Lusien kept sneaking peaks at her, and Agile snickered every time she caught him.

Just as Lusien finished pulling on his pair of steel-toed boots, Agile saw him turn to face the side of the hill that had the staircase leading back to the real world.

"I think I can hear my evil minions running around in mass hysteria, wondering as to where their vampire leader is." He chuckled.

Agile drew up beside him, having just finished sliding into her own black leather boots. Lusien twisted around, kissed her lightly and swiftly on her left cheek.

"Be good." He spoke.

"That could get me killed." Agile breathed softly on his ear. He laughed as he pulled back.

"Happy hunting." He called out, and put a hand up in farewell as he began walking away from her.

He always left from the side of the hill without a staircase. She didn't know why he did, and had never bothered to find out. It didn't matter to her. Anything having to do with Lusien was none of her business if it had nothing to do with this graveyard.

The Nighter descended the staircase, returned to the gravel road, and then slowly wound her way back towards the busy city. Light was already seeping into the world again. Most of the time, the silence allowed Agile's mind to wander, to play and to remember, to runaway from her, but this was always stolen from her as soon as city sounds and city sights returned.

Agile took careful measure to conceal her sword under her cloak. Here and there in the crowd, she picked out other cloaked figures. Noting her kin, she moved on to take in the sight of the humans, which overwhelmed the amount of hunters highly.

She snickered.

"How interesting." She drawled to herself.

And it was.

The humans walking around her, bustling and bristling, they had no idea vampires walked among them by night and vampire slayers by day. The mortal world had no idea of the sins the hunters had committed, even if it was in the name of justice.


In this kind of world, a person could never be sure of what could be labeled as justice, and what could be labeled as sin.

Sin and justice.

What a world to inhabit, but Agile wouldn't have it any other way.