Luke's Session

"So, Luke, why do you think you're here?" Dr. Clark asked, highlighting the 'you' as is I wasn't the one who walked in here willingly.

I hesitated, just for effect. "Probably my completely unhealthy rivalry with my step-brother, Dr. Winston is talking to him right now you know…he's the one who came in here kicking and screaming." She nodded slightly writing something down on her clipboard. "But really Dr. Clark, what's more important is why do you think I'm here?" I leaned forward in the chair, resting on my knuckles much like a gorilla.

Note to Self: Probably a bad idea to play mind games with a psychologist. Very highly entertaining for me; most defiantly, but still a very bad idea none the less, bad Luke no cookie.

She looked up at me sharply, "Yes. Speaking of your step-brother, what caused this 'rivalry' per' say?"

"Hmm," I put one of my fingers to my mouth in thought. "I don't know really, but it probably has something to do with the fact that he hates me, and I hate him always have. But recently, I hate him because he screwed my boyfriend." I used my pondering voice as I answered.

Note to Self: Don't name voices, it makes me sound crazy.

"Ah, so you're homosexual then?" Her glasses slipped down her nose as she bent to her clipboard again.

"Yup, that's what having a boyfriend entails." See, anyone else and that would have been sarcastic.

She chuckled slightly. "Yes, I suppose so. Well, aside from that is there any other reason for this rivalry with-" She paused to check my file "-Matthew? Tell me about your relationship with your younger half brothers…Mark and John?" Her eyebrows came together slightly. "Is your family highly religious?"

Grinning slightly before I answered probably didn't comfort her much, I don't think. "Well, the first question leads too many, many stories of revenge and torture, but my relationship with Mark and John is just fine. And no my family isn't highly religious." I paused again for dramatic effect.

"Henry's Jewish actually, and Mom was raised Satanist. I was named after my grandfather and Matthew is just a popular name. Henry and Mom just thought it'd be highly ironic because Matt's a month older than me. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John…only out of order." I trailed off, finally noting the rather alarming sculpture of two men bopping like bunnies on her desk.

Note to Self: Steal statue on last appointment, want it on desk.

"So how do you mother and step-father feel about your and Matthew's sexuality, if he did in fact 'screw' your boyfriend?"

"Oh, their really supportive…in fact Mom used to tease me about Matt having a little crush on me. Henry didn't really find it funny, but Matt would always turn bright red and stop picking on me." I giggled slightly at the memory. "He's always been a lot bigger than me you know. I mean he clears six foot now."

"And what about your biological father, how does he feel?" She asked still bent over the clipboard with her pen poised.

"I don't really know, I've never met him. Mom only met him once actually. He was a male-whore from Miami my mom met up with on spring break; they ran out of condoms before she ran out of money." I laughed as she snorted, trying to cover it up with a violent coughing fit.

"Are you serious?" She breathed out raggedly…punching her chest to calm herself.

"Yup, sure am." I grinned out again clasping my hands behind my head.

Note to Self: ……something about never running out of condoms.

Matthew's Session

Dr. Winston…I hate him already. I haven't even met him; I've just been sitting here frigidly staring at his gray office thinking of the many ways to kill Luke with out actually killing him.

Therefore I jumped about two feet when he entered the office, slamming the door violently behind him.

"So, Matthew was it?" He asked after taking a seat and meeting his kind eyes with my glare. I nodded jerkily, crossing my arms rebelliously.

"Good, and it says you're here because of your father and step-mother's concern for your unhealthy rivalry with your younger step-brother Luke?" He smiled calmly and kindly at me. I think I'm going to be sick.

"Yeah, I guess." No, I'm here because Dad and Elaine threatened my life if I didn't come here.

"Well, can you give me an idea about what caused this rivalry with Luke to come to this level?"He asked patiently.

"Personally I think it's because I fucked his dominant boyfriend to hell and back last week…but I may be wrong." Sarcasm dripped from my voice; in fact he'd probably have to clean it off the floor before his next client.

"So you're both homosexual then?" He asked writing something on his clipboard with out looking down.

"Yup, the only difference is he gets fucked and I do the fucking." I watched with pleasure as he blanched slightly…serves him right. Fuck-tart…

"Well then, what possessed you to…eh, sleep with Luke's boyfriend?" He asked after gaining himself back.

I sat silently for a moment, I knew why, but I wasn't completely sure I wanted to admit it. "I was jealous."

Oh, that got him excited "Really, of what exactly?"

"Luke." I answered soundly without hesitation; oh this was going to be rich.

Winston wrote something else down on the paper. "Do you think that this jealousy of your step-brother is what lead you to your current relationship with him?" I snorted forcibly.

"You got it wrong old-man, I'm not jealous of Luke. I was jealous of that prick I fucked; I wanted what he had so I trashed it." I leaned forward, placing a hand on each knee, looking like I was about to rise.

His thick gray eyebrows rose in realization. "You mean-"

I cut him off smugly "That's right; I want to fuck my step-brother within an inch of his life. I have since our parents got married, that's probably why we have so many problems…sexual tension. So, put that in your report and shove it up your ass." I stood, whipped out a cigarette and moved towards the door "See, you next week sweets!" I shot over my shoulder, slamming the door behind me.

I stalked out of Dr. Winston's office and slammed myself into the plush seat outside the room Luke and Dr. Clark were still in…thinking over what had just happened.

I'd just admitted my deepest, darkest, most guarded secret to some random shrink I didn't even want to go to. Fuck, way to go Matt.

I closed my eyes and leant my head back against the wall picturing my oh-so fuckable younger step-brother. Luke was absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. He had platinum blonde hair that he must have inherited from his whore-father, and bright blue eyes he must have gotten from him too. He was on the small side, only reaching five-seven and about one-twenty five, just the way I like my fuck-buddies.

"Matt?" I looked up at the sudden voice, to find Luke staring down his freckles at me. Oh those freckles, I just want to slam him up against the wall and connect the dots all over his body with my tongue. "You ready to go?" He asked in his fuck-me voice…even though any voice he uses is his fuck-me voice; and actually hearing his seductive voice, instant boner dude, instant boner.

"Yeah whatever, come on." I stood, towering over him and leading the way to the car. Damn it was a two hour drive back home from this teen-shelter place Dad and Elaine had us go to.

"So…did Dr. Winston have anything interesting to say?" He asked all politely and shit…damn I want to fuck the politeness out of him. I can just see it; he on his back, legs spread wide gripping my head board for dear life as I pounded roughly into him, him screaming all the cuss words he never says at the top of his lungs. 'Matt! Oh shit harder Matt! Damn it Matt fuck me! Fuck me harder! Harder! Oh, oh, Matt! Matt! Matt! "Matt!" I jerked back to reality, oh hell we were still in the parking lot. Luke was leaning over to me, and snapping his fingers in my face.

"Dude, you like blanked! I was afraid I was going to have to go get a nurse or something!" He said his voiced heightened in concern. I could see him visibly shaking.

Regardless my voice was ice. "I'm fine; now get your damn hand out of my face so I can drive." I watched as he pulled back and pouted like a little kid.

"You don't have to be so mean about it, and watch your language." He mumbled pulling out his stupid note book filled with note to his self. I mean really he may be hot, but it's no wonder they sent him here…the little psycho.

Still I leant over to read what he was writing because I'm a nosy bastard. But what read made me scoff.

Note to Self: Get Matt Midol next time we're out.

AN//: I know I'm in the middle of another fic right now, but I had a plot bunny…it was eating me alive.