I don't know what I was thinking

Hoping everything would be fine

That this perfect dream world I had wanted when I was younger

Wasn't really just that

I'm almost completely prepared

Cutting ties, instead of myself this time

Hoping they'll forget about me

When they read about it in the newspaper

They'll say how close they were to me

That they should've seen this coming

Then they'll cry

Not because they miss me

But out of necessity

You have to cry

It's an obligation

So they'll cry

Not for me

They won't talk about how I would stay up all night

I'm sick of them telling me to get a fucking hobby

You think that will fix me?

Unfortunately for me I now have time to think about all this

Maybe I'll tell someone

Maybe someone will find out

Maybe I'll just hold it in

I've stayed alive long enough to keep them happy for short periods of time

It's funny how people treat you differently once they realize

You're going to be gone longer than they'll remember you

Everyone wants closure

I suppose I was just waiting for everyone else to die

And let them find it one day when they stumble across it

A mistaken 'new Microsoft word document'

Have the case of the Mondays?

I have a case of the permanent wanting of something better than this life