Thinking Page #1
I don't know what to write about. Maybe something about angel wings. Pretty things.
Red satin ribbons. Long brown hair. Shoulders. A silver necklace.
Silver ring. Wedding band. Eternal circle. Diamond. Gold. Silence is golden.
Desired quiet. Desire. Passion. Longing. Loss. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
Anger. Fire. Internal flame. Undying heat. Engulfing heat. Warmth.
Extinguished. Darkness. Fear. Unsettled soul. Searing pain. Shadows lurking. Overactive imagination.
Light bulb. Illumination. Squinting brilliance. White light. Light heart. Fond. Like. Love.
Candle-lit dinner. Pale moonlight. Lover. Fighter. Heart-breaker. Heart-wrenching. Black heart.
Lies. Deceit. Hatred.
Runaway. Suicide. Death. Ultimate peace. Ultimate warmth. Ultimate revenge. Immortality.
Downy white angel wings. Loose feathers. Feathers floating. Fall to the earth.
Represent tears from the sky. Raindrops. Dancing barefoot in the rain. Rain slapping against the pavement.
Thunder. Lightning. Run inside the house. Watch the storm. Hair dripping. Wrapped up on couch.
Sleep. Blissful slumber. Eyes closed. Light shut out. Float into dreams. Wish for neverending peace.
Dream of falling. Falling for eternity. No past. No present. No future.
Just neverending time. Endless continuim.
Blur of time.