Dr. Steven Hill looked up from the work he was doing inside the ancient tomb. He could have sworn he had heard something.

'Ah well,' he thought to himself. 'It's just because I'm out here all by myself. I've been hearing things for a week.'

He began to think back to the reasons why he was out here, in the middle of the desert, looking in the ancient tomb of a long dead ruler. Six months ago, four animals had saved mankind from a terrible fate: demons from below were being led by Lucifer himself to destroy both Earth and Heaven. That was what the wolf had said, and everyone believed him. Even Hill did, and that was why he was angry.

He had been searching for years to find the tombs of the warriors known as the Anima-Kupare, but obviously someone else had beat him to them.

That was why he was here.

The leader who was buried here had lived around the same time as the Anima-Kupare warriors had, only he was more powerful. He had possessed a locket known as the Eternity Locket, which gave the wearer the power to transform into any animal that he or she chose to turn into.

The fact that the Anima-Kupare had stolen his glory upset him. He was going to find this locket and destroy them once and for all. That was a promise.