Comrade, you're gone

But I must move on

Comrade, it's not the end

These hearts must mend

My comrade, I write this song to tell you

We remember you, true

My comrade, I write this song to tell you

You're not forgotten

Comrade, we love you, we knew you,

We'll miss you

Your memory is etched here

In our hearts, comrade

I can feel your presence still

Lingering in that school

And that makes me want

To remember you

You were our teacher

You were someone who stood beside us

You were someone who knew us

You were someone who understood us, comrade

You let us "share and compare"

You let us skip a day of work

You let us learn from "feature flims"

You were so full of idiosyncrasies, comrade

Ones that stuck in our minds and our hearts

I don't believe I'll ever think of a roll of masking

Tape without remembering your hall passes, comrade

You believed in that school, when no one else did

You believed in us, when we couldn't

Comrade, you had a presence

Comrade, you left an impression

Comrade, you made history in our lives

You've taught us, we've learned

You've cared for us, we mourn you

We'll miss you

We'll remember you

Comrade, there will

Never be anyone like you

Comrade, we celebrate your life

But we grieve the loss