Sleeping in your living room,

And as the sun rises,

This peaceful night meets its doom,

You are so young,

And I so old inside,

But you see it and you know it,

And you tell me not to hide.

We don't have much room to love,

More or less to breathe,

I never asked you to stay,

But I beg that you don't leave;

Common sense throws me down the stairs,

When sad smiles leads to too much thinking,

Sick thoughts and drinking.

It hurts me when you say,

That it's not my fault,

Because I know its not,

And it proves you care,

I thank the day for all I've got,

And it never seems enough,

Life is so rough but it falls away,

When I'm riding in your car,

Away from the day,

And the harsh words that echo in my brain.

I always try to do what it takes,

To wish away your pain,

And wash away mistakes,

You'll always be my constant star,

So close but always too far,

You'll never hurt me like I do,

You got into my head,

With all the pretty things you said,

Spread out for the entire world to see,

The entire world against you and me,

Bring me back to earth,

Hold my tight with apathy,

When happiness isn't enough,

Does anybody need a life this rough?