I cup my drink a pool of
Fluorescent green tea in my
Hands pretending it isn't
Burning away at my skin
A raw outline of red flesh
Shining brightly as mint
Flavors and blood start
To flow like a river from
My hands to my mouth
Disgusting metal water
Filling up tongue pushing
Away the flowery scent I

And moonlight is shining
Through my sisters hair as
She reads me a story I don't
Want to hear because the
Little girl is so sad and
Doesn't remember being
Happy with pieces of sky
Poking out of her body
Bleeding where the holes
Used to be because she
Borrowed the stars cookie-
Cutting out her skin to make
Pretty pictures that would
Make me cry they're so
Beautiful and horrible and

My bare feet touch the grass
Lips pressing against the
Cold breeze that is both
Crushing my lungs into an
Nothingness and suddenly
Breathing a new sort of life
Into me without regret and
Forcing away my mistakes so
All I am is a person laughing
At the night sky thinking
For once in my life I'm not really