Cinnamon for love

Cloves for serenity

What you need the most

Is to be engulfed in their warm, pure scents

Ginger for health

Ginseng for your worries

What you want most

Won't leave you alone

Lavender for peace

Lotus for thought

These things you can find in the real world

Can't do anything for your hysteric mind

Salt for purity

Sage for memories

Will your memories remain the same

Or be corrupted by the lack of him

Thyme for time

Tarragon for virtue

But we cannot live forever

Some of us have less time than others

Patchouli for nerves

Paprika for excitement

Will you feel these feelings again

Or will your life be dark and dull.

Water for worry

For it collects it thoughts within itself

Fire for forgetting

For it burns the memories like a tattered photograph

No matter what you mix together,

The shards of memories remain.

Earth for energy

For you need to pick yourself up off the ground

Air for allowing

For to live with the bad, you need to let the good in

What you need to heal your wounds

Has to come from the spirit within yourself.