Everything's closing in, now
The sun's rising so far away.
Titanium breeds up from the ground, I stand
Metal is surounding me.
Your voice if getting faint, now
Everything's closing in...
And I don't wanna get out.

My lungs breathe in nothing but sorrow
The world is almost out of my reach,
Nothing but silence is all around me.
Four walls of pure titanium become my home
This box is where I live,
And I know there's no way out.

This place has become my only friend,
And now I can't ever get hurt
I'm stuck inside of emptiness;
Inhaling, I know I'm living.
But exhaling; I feel dead.
I can't risk feeling alive
Too much I'd have to sacrafice
I live inside myself,
So I won't ever have to get out.

These barriers of repelling magnets give me comfort
But I can't feel anything at all.
It's domineering, numbing, controlling;
Although I've made these walls my own
They smash my bones with lonliness,
and beat my back with captivation.
I'm crippling inside my cage,
And I'll never be able to get out.

Titanium is all around me
Silently killing me, now
It felt so safe,
I am so betrayed
My home has become my grave.