Barely breathing, my lungs are on the verge collapsing
So out of touch with not only the world,
but the identitiy I once had.
These barriers have defined who I am,
locked up inside of a hardened heart
And it's captivated me.
Four breaths left, and I'm melting into this place
Will these metal walls be the death of me?

A straight jacket of my fears
binds my arms behind my back;
I left everything behind to be free,
only to see this hell I've created
has been my only enemy.
Falling in love with my sorrow,
it's absolutley hurting me
It felt so right, I felt so alive
Three breaths left, and regrets overwhelm me
Will this mistake cost me everything?

Metal begins to crush me,
splitting my spin apart as my world divides
I'm desperate to dig myself out of my skin.
Anything I'd give for these walls
to crumble, then fall, and crash to the ground.
Quivering inside of this stubborn cage
Two breaths left, losing my balance of existance
Who could have ever thought
that the living dead would beg to live?

The skin wrapped around my bones
has turned to sharp iron.
Each heartbeat becomes twisted into screams,
the numbing sensation of a frostbite
spreading through my veins.
The shrieks grow louder,
yelling in my ears.
My body grows colder,
I'm free falling into black
yet I'm pinned to the ground.

One breath left...
Inhaling, I'm reminded I'm living.
Exhaling, I'm nearly dead.

And I cry.

Can you hear me?
Can anybody hear me?
Is there not one ear that can hear
this desperation or my small voice
besides these merciless walls
that are relentlessly, ruthlessly consuming me?