Where did you go?
Why did you leave?
Fine fine fine fine FIND something or other.

We are in the media res. Stepping


of the cabin to the aisle's reflectionary drain pipe.

I need to write something.
But I know not what I am to forge.
Funny irony.

No chances Chou.
Can't erase it.
It's there it's fine FIND IT! FIND IT!
You burst out on the scene bursting at the seams
Drinking your drivers into driveways!
Forget about it.
Sing about it instead!

Hypothesizing hypocritical hacks honking HARVARD! HARVARD!
Finding her.
Her! Here is the end of it all.

He fired right into his face.
He died.
He walked away.
Two brothers, linking life and leisurely lack thereof.
One is dead.
The other, dead-maker.

Quiet, quiet, I cannot concentrate!

Yet there are two girls.
One a whore.
The other, a saint!
Their appearances were
In more than a way with what.

Mercedes? Was that the girl's name?
Be that as it might, the other is Renee.
Or was.
The whore.
Or slut, she didn't take money.
None was offered anyway.
She died.
Well, she died, too.
Both girls, about the age of fifteen, are dead.
The father, daddy-kins, of the one who might've been named Mercedes, is named Dugan. He has killed two people.
The brother of the other, the whorey one, is named Michael DeLone. He is on a quest to find his child, a girl if memory is a Renee.
Got it.

He didn't remember Jap bombers but in a Jap Tempe much praying was done.
He'd heard the news through, literally coming at him, what few would care to have a word with him.
He is headed to O'Keye to find his off-spring.

Dugan, on the other hand, has lost it.
Gone cuckoo.
Simply left and went out fishin' won't come back.
Committing murders hither and thither as it was, the last being the most damaging, Dugan has decided to travel to O'Keye for a different reason altogether.
In sum, he has nothing to live for.
And he has a gun.
And airport security is rather bad in that part of the world he's blowing in.
He'll blow some matches out when he gets there.
A little crackery, if you ask.

Leaving measles out, we find our two men, hero and antihero or both totally negatives creating an absolutely positive value in the end, heading to that orey-yentle izzle-land that few of the audience has had the pleasure of living on top of – that is, the aforementioned O'Keye.

Which is worse, really now?
Really now.