Silver flowers sewn into my
Blistered skin burnt tattoos
Prophetic images scarring the
Layers of my body dancing
Across streets of giggling flames

Icy charcoal-painted face
Lips dried kissing water-lily
White drained and framed by
Gritty locks and a shattered
Smile distorted eyes so
Stormy and blue you couldn't
Help but drown in them

Lounging in a pool of apples
Teeth sinking passionately as
The mouth overflows with
Dying dried leaves veins
Stretching miles like a fountain
Brushing from my lips caressing
Ash tree cheeks gray pink
Petals a bloody mess is what I am

I lower my eyes and pretend it's
Alright fingers rubbing against
The white silk ribbons binding
My wrists as ink drinks darkly
Staining the fabrics tightly holding
Me together unwillingly like
Inspiration is a tool for philosophers
To teach me as book instead of a living
Breathing feeling sinking into my
Chest because I know inside
I am the artist but the world is
Against me and my call to know
My need to be no other than
Who I am supposed to live up to

Blue figures pulse across my vision
And the world again is a blurry night
Made for dancing under dying stars