Never Ending

by, Cassandra

Honey, this manipulation has got to stop,

Cause in this never-ending game,
Filled with never-ending pain,
The never-ending shame leads to never-ending hate
And I don't know about you, but
That's the last thing I need right about now

Take a look around this forsaken place
This isn't where I want to be
But the more we keep on playing
The more we'll keep on paying,
And the farther we get from finding
Our place in the future never-ending

Stop giving up your soul,
Because you deserve much more
This illusion of love isn't going to fill
That void within your heart
Cause your never-ending pity ain't going to
Stop this never-ending longing
And the never-ending longing gives way to
Never-ending hurting, and
That's not the way you want this to go

Never-ending love waits with open arms
And this manipulation is keeping you
From where you truly do belong
Wake up; it's time to face the light of day
I know it feels like life isn't going your way
Let go of today, and embrace the change
Cause never-ending happiness could be coming your way