Once Upon a December


Mr. Stranburg's Class the most boring time of the day, or at least that's what some people say. I find it particularly boring for me though because who wants to study history when you could when you could be outside, at least it's the last period of the day, if that's a good thing?

My name is Emily Bell. I'm seventeen and live in Seattle, Washington. I'm just a typical teenager living in the year 2008 or at least I thought I was up till this past December. I don't want too confuse you or scare you or anything but my story needs to be told, people need to see what could have happened to history.

Okay so I know what you're thinking, she's gone mental, what the heck is she talking about, am I right? Well I don't know about the mental part but I am trying to get a point across with my story. So let me take you back to December 2007 when my story starts and where my crazy adventure begins.

Chapter One

Vanishing Point

"Hey Emily, it's snowing again!" Chris says to me.

"Yeah, I can't wait to get out of this snore-fest class, I hate Mr. Stranburg." I reply.

"Me too he's so boring always living in the past and always standing in the same place with the same boring tone of voice."

"Chris, Emily be quiet back there, don't you care to know how the Allies defeated Hitler and won the war?" asks Mr. Stranburg.

"Yes sir." We say.

Chris and I quiet down and pretend to listen to Mr. Stranburg. He's been going on about Hitler and WWII for weeks, its gets so old so fast. He's so obsessed over the fact that we were able to bring Hitler down in the war. Really though, what if Hitler had won the war? Yeah, then what would have happened? He would have never lost his scientists. Germany could have sent the satellite into space instead of Russia. Things would be so different, I wonder how exactly normal everyday life would be changed by this. Why doesn't Stranburg ever ask us any "what if" questions? That would make class more interesting. What would life be like if Hitler won?

"Emily, you okay you don't look so good?" asks a worried Chris.

"I don't feel well either." I say.

"Maybe you should go to the restroom?" suggests Alice.

"No I'll be fine, it's almost time for the bell." I assured them. Though I don't convince myself too much I don't know what came over me I feel terrible. The bell rings and I fly out the door, before anyone else has a chance, and run outside. Chris and Alice try to catch u to me but before they knew it I had vanished, not just out of sight either but completely out of the century.