He says he is the fool
I was right all along
When I went into chaos
Throwing passion into
His eyes wishing he would
Grab my hands I flung
Around and tell me to
Shut my mouth that I was
So wrong I didn't even know

But he just waited till
The fire died and I'm here
So numb against the world
And his slender hands
Pulse as if I'm the dying
Rhythm gasping for some
Sort of life that he killed as
Our silence grew but now
He wants to talk

I feel so lost and so confused
As he assures me he is
Changing because of me
I made him realize and I simply
Opened his eyes to truths
My lungs had screamed at him
For eternities I wanted to shove
Them down his throat and forget
That murder is a deadly sin
You fight away life but never win

I'm so cold and my breath
Swirls like milky stars across
The sky thickening with
Each cough for air I'm
Throwing my icy fingers into
Yours again pretending you
Aren't nursing lies into my lips

When I look into your soul
(Because I really can you know)
I see so much of me and what
I've always wished to be but
I hate you so much as I
Go to grab this rose and thorns
Bite into my flesh causing a
Beautiful pain I'm dying

Even when I'm sure you're
Lying voice is nothing more
Than manipulation of my soul
I drink it in like piano song
And poetry because I've
Always enjoyed the most these
Things that slowly kill me