What is Love? (Choose Me)

What is love?

It is the thing that makes us ache,

It is the thing that that causes pain,

It makes us go insane,

Do things we would never do,

But we do it anyway, just for love.

It is the joy we hide inside,

It is the butterflies we feel,

Love is….beautiful.

Love is lovely.

Love is wonderful.

I've learned that it also hurts,

When it bounces and ricochets,

When you pour out the way your feeling..

My head is always reeling,

Is love (this) what I am experiencing?

Why did God make it so hard?

Why didn't he just match me up?

But…I somehow know that there is a perfect guy for me,

I just need to learn and see,

and wait patiently.

For my time.

He is letting me be wild and oh so free,

I just wish I could be simply carefree,

I just need to think and have a little experience,


Why can't I commence?

I've heard that love is the best thing that can happen to you,

So why hasn't he shown me through?

(Oh, why hasn't he chose me?...)