Driftwood: Wilkommen

To begin with, this is no autobiography, nor is it a woe-filled escapade about my young life. It is for my readers, for their understanding of a great many things that I mention in my work and do not explain fully. That is no fault of theirs, for a great many times I write entirely for myself, with no thought as to how others might perceive that which they read. It is, in essence, a breaking down of that which is me, both Karine and Cassandra.

To start with, though, a beginning is perhaps warranted. I was born to happy parents, a healthy, if sometimes busy, home life, and at first, without a care in the world. Events that seem so miniscule to those of the world, however, chose at this time to unfurl. At two, I succumbed briefly to a fever that devastated my memory and forever changed my views of the world…Ah, but that is only the very tip of the ice burg.

What little I do recall of this event sparked the wandering ways I've always possessed, as well as the title for this piece. I was falling, in a darkness so utterly absolute that I could not see any part of my body, and indeed, I felt as though my body had been cut away from me, if such a thing is possible. And yet, I could see, faintly, a flicker of light always parallel to my form, as though it were falling alongside me. However, it was so far away that I couldn't quite make out what it was.

At last, though the ordeal itself only lasted an hour or so, my soul gave in to the darkness and shut it's eyes, hoping for the end to come a little quicker…but that was not my day to give up, it seems. Through that darkness came the light, blazing a path across to me like lightning incarnate. And before I let sleep take over me, I vaguely recall a warm touch, a kind voice, a call to return. And this is all that I remember from that age, for all that was before is lost. I've tried again and again to search out those missing memories, but they cannot be found, at least not by me.

Thus, I've drifted on with my life, finding friends and new ports along the way. And yet, that is not all that I've lived through…but for today, this day of rain and thunder that so reminds me of the past, that is all that needs said.