Is it a song? Is it a poem? Who knows?

For those who don't get it:

Désolé - Sorry (French)
Arigato - Thank You (Japanese)
L'chayim - To Life (Hebrew) As in, someone could propose a toast "l'chayim!", or a toast "to life!"
Itsumo - Forever (Japanese)


Désolé, sorry for all we tried to be
Arigato, thanks for all you've done for me
L'chayim, here's to the life we could have had
Smile, there's no way you'll always be sad

Désolé, I know how much this meant to you
How you broke when we were through
I pretended to look all over the place
When I knew you were there right in front of my face
I'm sorry I lied and I'm sorry you knew
I'm sorry I tried to get closer to you
I'm sorry you cared and I'm sorry I couldn't
I'm sorry I ever thought that I shouldn't
So please, if I can make it up to you, let me say
I'm sorry my dear, I'm sorry. Désolé

Arigato, you gave me all I could need
When I showed you a knife, you taught me to bleed
You helped me remember so I could forget
Darling, I owe you the world as my debt
Thank you for looking inside to find me
Thank you for finally setting me free
Thank you for being as great as you are
Thank you for freeing the light from the stars
If ever oh ever you just need to know
If I'm grateful or not. Arigato

L'chayim, it's kinda sad to know
How the future would be if I weren't so low
We'd always have each other, always be together
(Itsumo) 'Cause that's what we meant by forever
Here's to the life that almost had been
Here's to the life where I never had sinned
Here's to the life of the red butterflies
Here's to the life of the hopes in your eyes
For any chance you can still dare to dream
Here's to life babe, let's drink. L'chayim

Smile, I need to see that you know
That this tragedy can't cause you unending woe
There's no one I've met that you can't forgive
As long as you're lovely, I'm sure that you'll live
Be happy, it isn't as bad as all that
Be happy, your fortune won't always be flat
Be happy, let your face show what you really are
Be happy, 'cause you know that you've gotten so far
Even if some days seem less than worthwhile
Show the world you can put on a bright face. Smile

Désolé, sorry it all had to end
Arigato, thank you being a friend
L'chayim, to having a new life each day
Smile, and laugh 'cause it's all so cliché