Relative Irrelevance

They say it'll rain tomorrow
But how do they know it will?
Who are they to predict the terrors
That the weather's to fulfill?

Then, after it rains tomorrow,
It'll snow in Mozambique.
That is, if the clouds can make it
Over Mt. Apocalypse's highest peak.

And then, when it rains tomorrow,
All the greenhouses will rejoice
Their somber premonitions
Lost in Ignorance's nescient voice.

The rain that will pour tomorrow
Will freeze all the glacier's tears
And plaster smiles upon all faces
And veil all muted fears.

And if it does rain tomorrow,
Who knows what'll happen then.
The pillars of logic will surely never collapse,
According to CNN.

a/n: this was written mostly for fun... it's not supposed to have some hidden depth, other than global warming... you can read into it as you want, but i wanted to clarify that it's not intended to be incredibly sentimental :)