every word
we never said
is poison.

and even after
being angry at you
and being done
and being happy for you

...i'm angry at you.

quite possibly mad.

you are difficult
for me to cope with.
(perhaps that abrupt
end caused a rift?)

you are the culmination
of my never being good enough.
you and your cross
and the way we three stood together
and apart
in what we asked of the earth.

did any of it matter?
was it a lie then
if it's not the truth now?

you are the epitome of
leaving me behind.

'I'm not that person anymore.'

you chose to hide
those crowns of poppy
and lavender candles that
scented our youth with
the biting fragrance of
and lust for life.

and i am angry with you

because when you tore it all down,
those drifting dreaming
memories of who we used to be,
and what we thought
we could become...

you tore me down as well.