He tapped his fingers on the side of the chair. He was a little nervous, but that wasn't the reason why he was tapping the chair. He was tapping the chair, because he was in a hurry. He knew tapping the chair wasn't helping, but he couldn't help it. He had been waiting in the hall way for about 15 minutes, now and was ready to get back to his normal life. It was just a normal checkup, so he should be able to just as soon as it was over. He was scheduled for the checkup 10 minutes ago, but they told him they were not ready for him yet, and told him to wait in the hallway. So he sat down in the metal chair facing the door.

The door made a small creaking noise as it opened slowly, and he looked up to see an older doctor coming out of the room.

"We are ready for you now. Lt. Grant."

He stood up and the doctor motioned for him to follow.

"If you would just come this way, we'll get your check up done and let you get back to active duty."

The doctor led him into an examination room, and told him to take a seat on the table that was positioned in the center of the room. He hated getting checkups. He didn't like people examining him, especially when he never even got to see the results, but that was the life of a pilot. All pilots were required to get a checkup once a month or they would be pulled from active duty. The doctors would run a few tests on the pilots and then send them on their way. Te pilots were never told the results of the test, or even what the tests were for.

Another doctor walked into the room and greeted him interrupting his thoughts.

"Hello Lieutenant how are you doing today?" The doctor was looking at the screen of his handheld computer, and glanced up to look at the young Lieutenant when there wasn't an immediate reply. Lt. Grant gave him a smirk, and answered him.

"I am doing just fine, but you don't need to drag me down here every time you want to know, you could just ask, and I'll tell you how I am feeling."

The doctor gave a small laugh. You could tell from the way he laughed that they'd had this conversation before.

"You know that the checkups are required, even if you are feeling just fine."

"But why, that's all I want to know, at least tell me why, or what you are testing for."

"You know the answer to that too…"

The Lieutenant finished his sentence, "It is on a need to know basis and you don't need to know."

The doctor chuckled again, and picked up a small device off of a tray that was hovering next to the medical bed and held it over the Lieutenant's arm. It flashed a blue light, and made a small beeping noise. Lt. Grant looked at the scanner. He had never heard it make a beep before. Normally the light on the scanner would change from blue to red, and the doctor would put the scanner back. The doctor took another scan and it beeped again, but this time the blue light turned red.

"Well Lieutenant, it looks like you might get to learn what all this tests are about."

The doctor put the scanner back on the hovering tray and pulled a communicator out of his pocket. He dialed a sequence of numbers on the device, and lifted it to his ear.

"This is Dr. Matheson; I need a complete lockdown of section three."

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